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Dachindae / 31 / Female / Colorado

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TABLET SOON + updates n' stuff

UGH MAN IM GONNA GET MY TABLET SOON. My parents are buying it for me as a super early christmas/birthday present because my current ones have become unusable. The medium intuos 4 will work for like... 15 minutes then it shits itself. The small Intuos isn't as bad, but still finicky af and has been…

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General overview of what's going on with paypal. Their policies are subject to change at any time after I post this. I just want to help keep people's accounts safe <3 If you're gonna be all "MEH I DON'T BELIEVE U!!!" Then just call paypal yourself to confirm it. Paypal is not out to get you. As lo…

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Mass Upload begin!

Since FA is shit now even more I'm moving everything here, so I apologize in advance for spamming inboxes

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hi there new followers! Hope you enjoy your stay c: Art probably won't happen frequently because I'm in classes and there's a lot of work so yeah. I should probably make myself an icon soon.