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Hey Guys! I could Use Your FeedBack!

Head on over here and give me poll vote that can be found on my front page for the content of my next video on youtube! http://thetoonatic.deviantart.com/ And for those who don't know what my youtube is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ.....QybXkTSyBFFgVQ

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September Colored Sketch Requests Closed

So yeah, went ahead and decided to open up September's requests ONLY because they are going to be flat colored this time around AND because usually as soon as I get going with sketch requests they open quickly. Also, in October, in revelry to my absolute love of Halloween, those will be specially t…

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August Sketch Requests Closed

Wow already almost August....college starts at the end of the month. Same rules: ~ 3 slots ~one character only ~ sfw only ~ no herms  ~ sketches only First come first served unless you already got one. Then I will wait to see if someone else gets the slot. If not, you may have it. peace peeps

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Sketch GiveAway: July Edition

Hey all, To re-fill my Weasyl, I will be opening monthly July giveaways for those of you who comment on these journal posts. What this means is that I will do a digital sketch of ANY character only one of your choice INCLUDING furry/anthro characters! This will be on a first come, first served basi…