Sketch GiveAway: July Edition by CrosbyB

Hey all,

To re-fill my Weasyl, I will be opening monthly July giveaways for those of you who comment on these journal posts.

What this means is that I will do a digital sketch of ANY character only one of your choice INCLUDING furry/anthro characters!

This will be on a first come, first served basis until otherwise needed.

So comment here with this info:

Image Reference(s) : (max of 3 images)
Name of character :
Age of character : (if they look different than their real age, please tell us how old they look)
Species of character :
Gender of character:
Personality of character : (max of 3 sentences)
Important Features/notes :

That was borrowed from FancyOwls but was great for my needs...haha...
Anyway, can't wait to see what you folks have!


Sketch GiveAway: July Edition


16 July 2015 at 19:35:21 MDT

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    I am currently on FA as this:
    My profile here isn't set up yet nor do I think it'll be anytime soon, but I wanted to get in on this.

    Image Reference(s)(They are going to be FA links, sorry about that! I hope that's okay!): <-> <->

    Name of character: Nithilack.

    Age of character: 18-20-ish.

    Species of character : Spotted Hyena/Horned Rattlesnake Hybrid.

    Gender of character: Herm.

    Personality of character: Curious, exciteful, happy.

    Important Features/notes: If you wish to draw her as full female, if you decide NSFW or the like, then that is fine as well. I know some artists are not comfortable with Herms, though I did try my best to design her in a unique-ish way to try to compliment that. If you have any questions then go ahead and ask! I'd be happy to answer.

    I hope this is filled out fine!

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      Oh it's no problem at all. I certainly don't mind taking FA references XD I don't do herms though so would you like either the male or female version?

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        Hmm. I think I'll take the female version.
        May I ask, as well, what you think of her? I always like to hear criticism and opinions, if that is alright of me to ask~

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      Haha, just saw the last bad XD;

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        Hah! That's fine, don't worry~

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          I happen to think she is really nice. I like the concept. And I can't wait to work with her.

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            Sorry about that. I accidentally hid my comment. v.v blegh.
            Weasyl I do not know to use how. D=

            But, nevermind on that question thingy, I dun wanna accidentally break rules and such.

            As I said, though, thank you so much for the compliment(s). It means a lot to me to hear that from you <3

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              Aww, well I'm glad to help. Weasyl is actually pretty easy to use. It just takes some exploring, trial and error. And don't hesitate to ask the admins if you have any questions. They tend to get back to you quickly and are pretty nice.

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                Why thank you!

                I'll probably stick to FA until it craps out. Despite some of the issues some people have I'm mainly about the social and stuff.
                Plus its a rather easy layout and easy to look at. xD

                Maybe someday I'll take a switch to over here.

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                  I'm a bit skeptical about the IMVU sale and the lack of respect there seems to be but I digress. It's perfectly okay, I still hang out over there for the artists I like.

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                    Definitely agreed! :P
                    When the piece is done, if I may ask, can you send a note on FA giving me the link/high-res file of the piece?
                    My memory isn't what it used to be, and I'm only 20! It really sucks.

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                      No problem. I can definitely do that for you!

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    I'll give it a shot. :)

    Image Reference(s) :,
    Name of character : Clay Hector
    Age of character : 29
    Species of character : German Shepherd
    Gender of character: Male
    Personality of character : Clay Hector is loyal and a hard worker with his current job. Never one to back down when someone is in need of help. There are times when he can be smug in a joking manner though.
    Important Features/notes : Always in the uniform shown in the refs. No major bulge but more humanish than a sheath. lol

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    I guess I'll comment, as well. .w.

    Image Reference(s) :
    Name of character : Damien
    Age of character : Not sure (I'm bad with ages, sorry. ^^; )
    Species of character : Houndoom (Pokemon)
    Gender of character: Male
    Personality of character : Cocky, confident, aggressive
    Important Features/notes : None I can think of at the moment. He can breathe fire, I guess? ^^;

    Hope I got everything.

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    Image Reference(s) :
    Name of character : Sindre Glatiur
    Age of character : (he is about 5 years old in dragon years but like 18 if he was human metally )
    Species of character : Glacier Dragon
    Gender of character: Male
    Personality of character :He is a shy dragon that is scared of almost everything but alone he is a happy camper :3. (he is afraid of leaves) he is used to the glaciers and being alone. When he meets others( any species) he gets worried and scared
    Important Features/notes : on his ref i forgot to put his black spikes on his tail. they end at his wings. He also has only 3 fingers on his hands and paws.

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      I'm sorry but these are closed and completed for July but thanks so much for the interest!