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Don't fix it if it isn't broken, Youtube.
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I am back.

It's been a really long time since I visited back here. So anyone out there? I also my be interested in an art trade and some suggestions.

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Nothing progressive, should I just leave?

I want to make something cool. I want to be comfortable with what I submit. I want to work on a comic. I can't get the motivation to do any of the former. I've been here with nothing new for about a year. I try looking to do requests or art trades for others to give me something to do that'd be fun…

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When you want to do something cool, but no one is interested

This happens to me frequently, for awhile, and even when I had a lot of following on different sites. I once had an idea for a miniseries where it involved some rivalry between 2 factions with a layout for the settings, story, and characters. Innocent enough. It took me a long time to make. No acti…

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RIP my Furaffinity account

The site doesn't recognize ANY of my emails. After the site went haywire and shut down, it reset everyone's passwords, forcing people into account recovery. But when I went to recover, a slap in thd face ERROR no recognition of the emails. Seriously, first being unable to protect people's content,…

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Looks like silence

I don't see much of anything going on here. Are people just, not sociable or something? Does everyone keep to themselves? Looks like it's just me.