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Saturday before the Feast of Divine Mercy. On Indulgences.

Brothers and Sisters, Joyful greetings on the Saturday before the Feast of Divine Mercy! Tomorrow is a very powerful Feast, which all of us ought to be prepared for. It was a feast re-instituted by Christ Himself, and has been granted indulgences by Holy Mother Church. The Feast of Divine Mercy is…

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We need your input.

Hello my friends and brethren, This is Geoffrey again, checking in to let you know things are still ongoing here. Right now we're working on a few different possible ideas, trying to figure out how best to serve you folks. This journal is here to ask you for your help. I want your input on what you…

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Coming Soon

Hello one and all! This page is called Catholic Furries, and it will be an extension of the Catholic Furries page from FA. (The FA page can be found here: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/catholicfurries/) It is run by the same crew, and is meant for the same community as on FA. The Administrators a…