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Updates, Reminders, Etc.

I know it's still 2018; but it was the WORST year of all time. (Thanks to Logan Paul for cursing it...), anyways; this year has been THE WORST it's ever been. It's even MORE cursed than 2013, dude! But, I've got some things I need to say Right here, right now. I am READY for 2019 to arrive now. But…

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Extreme Updates

Hey guys, I hope everyone had a happy Halloween! :D And with that, comes some updates...EXTREME UPDATES! Now, some of you may or may not know that I have now acquired a PayPal and will be starting actual real commissions on DA as well as other websites (hopefully, but mostly on FA), I'll still be a…

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Been A While

I've noticed that this account's been pretty dead, so I'm gonna revive it. Somehow or another, it'll be lively again...I hope.