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Hello Again

So I'm going to TRY my hardest to be more active here again. I may make a separate account for just my fursuit business, so stay tuned for that.

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Anthrocon Meme

First year! Where are you staying? Westin! What day are you getting there? Thursday at some point. It’s a longish drive from where I live ono How are you traveling? Car How is the best way to find you? I’ll probably be in suit for most of the time so look for my ‘sona suit, nidorina, or a candy cor…

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Another meme because why not?

1. If your fursona had to be a primate, it'd be a: Bush Baby 2. If your fursona had to be a feline, it'd be a: Wild: Flat-Headed Cat, Domestic: A singapura 3. If your fursona had to be a canine, it'd be a: Chinese Crested Terrier. 4. If your fursona had to be a hoofed animal Ungulate, it'd be a: A…

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Computer Issues

Hey all. I just wanted to give you all a heads up that our wireless router just decided it doesn't want to work anymore, so until we get that sorted out I have to use the family PC which is shared between three people. So, if you're trying to contact me I'm not ignoring you I'm just probably not ab…

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Doin the the thing.

What's your real name? Lindsay. But you will forget this information immediately. How tall are you? 4' 9" on a good day. What's your natural hair color? Brown What's your eye color? Very dark brown What's your orientation? Very, very gay. Are you single, taken or undecided? Single What do you do in…

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Thank you guys!

I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who have followed me to here, and to all the new faces I have looking at my art. I'm glad that something about my art has interested you enough to stay with me! It is deeply appreciated! In other news, I'm pretty much all updated here, I just need to do som…

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So I'm probably like the 50469th person to make a journal about this

But as it looks now I'll be more active here. I'm also still going to hang around FA since most of my followers are still there, and some people I follow are still there, and it's unfortunate that more sources of business are still there, but we'll see. Anyway, hi guys!

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Commission TOS

Commisson Terms Of Service Agreement 1. Subject Matter I Am Willing To Do All species of anthro and feral Humans All body types Nudity Sensual couples of all parts of the gender spectrum and sexualities Gore Monster Creatures I Absolutely Will Not Do Extreme fetishes such as scat/watersports/unbirt…