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BlackHeartSpiral / 37 / Female / Georgia, USA

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Another attempt at not dead?

In honestly I had forgotten about this page until I perused over another's art that mentioned it in the description. In my feeble attempts at getting back into drawing; it might be suitable to have this place to the side I suppose while still keeping track of my personal art blog. In any event, gon…

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Welp I've been dead.

Not so dead, however. I haven't checked this place out in a bit, thought I would see how well this site has been holding up. Probably will toss up new stuff soon enough. I've been not so much in an art slump, just was eaten up with a rather large commission that ate most of my power to want to do m…

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And closed!

...For the time being anyhow. No full slots but the side commissions make up for it. Will pop them again at a later date. Thanks again!

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Iron Artist Headshot Round 2!

Although i'm not as well known here, I am going to offer this up anyway. I worked on my first round during the beginning of February. So, now with my bigger commissions out of the way i've opened them back up again. Information pertaining to them is here, including examples etc: http://blackheartsp…

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So this Weasyl thang...

I've heard mention of it from different sources - mostly on my other art galleries and from my dear ladyface Zoetrooper. I'm fiddling around to see how it works out here and i'll probably pop some art up soon enough. I tend to be very particular about art sites, especially after my DA debacle of ha…