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*Brushes off the dust...*

Whew... I haven't touched this in months! I tend to forget I have a Weasyl account due to usually putting my stuff up on FA. But, given the... how do I put this kindly... -peculiarities- of the staff and programmers there, I've decided I should be prepared in the event that FA shits the bed for goo…

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Mass Uploads Pt 1 - Complete!

Alrighty! So I've opened things up with submitting the best of my own drawings, and I'm pretty much up to speed in that regard, even though that means I'll have to actually -work- to put more of my own art in here. Next up, I'll be submitting a handful of photos of models I've painted, as well as c…

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/echo hello world

hello world Hey Weasyl! I doubt it would be much surprise to know that I'm another fellow from FA, over at https://www.furaffinity.net/user/aygee/ Just getting the gallery up and running in minimal order this morning. Provided things aren't too hectic tonight, I'll start uploading more images tonig…