*Brushes off the dust...* by AyGee

Whew... I haven't touched this in months!

I tend to forget I have a Weasyl account due to usually putting my stuff up on FA. But, given the... how do I put this kindly... -peculiarities- of the staff and programmers there, I've decided I should be prepared in the event that FA shits the bed for good. That said, I'm going to work harder to parallel my uploads on Weasyl with those on FA, just to keep this gallery a little more active.

I'm also going to pick through and try to fill in any gaps my page here may have compared to my other, so expect to see a couple of old uploads as well. ALSO also, I'm putting a note here to try and find some of my friends and colleagues from FA over here, just to ensure I'm not just posting into the air. Those of you who are Weasyl-only, however, are still welcome to come up and say hi! I don't tend to go out of my way to find new people, but I'm usually polite to anyone who approaches.

Anyboo, it's getting late over here. Just wanted to put my thoughts down before bed. Good night!

*Brushes off the dust...*


14 March 2016 at 00:42:33 MDT

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