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I'm doing so much better now+ Future Film School

My depression is cleared up. My anxiety is nearly's still there, for sure. But one step at a time. I've decided to go to film be a director. it's not much of a school as much as I just apprentice under a director for a year or so, meaning I'll be on set, working with actors, i…

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It's my birthday. :)

~Happy birthday to me, i'm finally 19. i don't wanna get olderrrrrr...but it's not up to me!~

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Ponderings!/Life Updates

Hey guys and gals, how you doing? I'm doing great! I haven't really been active or posted in a while because I just haven't had any interest... Hopefully that will change, and I can talk to more people. As you may know, I'm not that social. It's just how I am. I'm going to just get to the point! So…

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Free laptop raffle! (link inside)

I don't do many raffles, so this is a rare pimp out journal for a free laptop raffle, please follow the link to enter, and read the rules!

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Why you don't see many submissions from me.

I don't upload them. Not many, not yet. I haven't put my mark thingy on them, and then i procrastinate when i mean to. So yea, sorry 'bout that. Plus I'm broke, and I can't afford new art of my beautiful characters.

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Really need help with semi simplistic logo!

I want to change my business' logo to something simple, like this: if anyone could help me out that would be great. thanks.

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Kindle Fire 8.9 HD 32GB WIFI+ AT&T FOR SALE

In a financial crisis, need money. WILL END UP ON EBAY IF NOT SOLD SOON! NEEDS to be sold. Kindle Fire 8.9 HD 32GB with WIFI and AT&T service (never activated the AT&T service ever) for sale, it is BARELY used, It comes with an OTTER BOX case, a little bit of wear and scuff, but mostly new, also. t…

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A small life update! :)

I haven't really been active in the furry community, I apologize. I just sort of..drifted away. (Not many people missed me anyway! XD) I am hopefully making an effort to keep active. Anyways, I have had a hard few days with withdrawals from something that was harming my body. it's gone now, i'm off…

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Hey guys and gals how are ya doin?

I know, coming back from the grave here. lol. Anyways, life has been busy..mostly in a bad way. im keeping sanity by watching the walking dead (HOW AM I KEEPING SANITY THAT WAY WHAT THE FSIONFOSDINF?) and reading walking dead comics. I LOVE the wALKign DeAD oH MY GOD

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(Charity)Help A Caring Father KEEP HIS SON! Important subject for me,read.

This is a message from my dear friend Johnny Jetson: The Father, The Son and the Ghost of Rock and Roll... The Debut Solo Album From Johnny Jetson. Your contribution will make this album a reality and help a worthy cause. If we reach our goal of $15,000, we will be donating 15% to The Bridge For Yo…

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Our food problem has been solved. Without any help! haha, cool. Also, night before last, we ran out of gas, so we had no heat. but we have a little tiny bit now, that's all the gas place could spare, because everyone is just...hogging the gas. this is a horrible winter...anyways, despite the foot o…

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Wow, This is so true. Watch your words! Click the link "i know a guy who mails books" or something like that and read it. :) pretty rad article

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Ari's Terms.

This stuff is effective DECEMBER 3RD 2013! I prefer to be contacted by email; I'm not an artist, this list/message is for artist that I commission! :) U P D A T E S This is a total must! step by step, from sketch to full commission! Or at least let me review the piece before…

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I just want to say on here...

So, I have stupidly abandoned this site. Wow, right? So many cool people. Well that is the ticket no more! I'm back babeh! :) I hope I gain more watchers though...all the sites im on now i have over 100. xD

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Super Fun Gamestop Time! @u@

So recently I went to gamestop. I got The Walking Dead game, and these are all ps3, btw. I got Uncharted 1 & 2, the sale was 2 for 10, and i got dishonored. I LOVE LOVE LOVE DISHONORED!! :D Oh and I got infamous 2. haha. NAW'LINS YO. (New Orleans)