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Ari | ~ | Girl | Ambitious | Single | ☮ | Straight | ♎

[Been on weasyl since Oct.29th 2012]

My name is Ari, I go by ArizonaCrow and RebelDog/e on the internet. I've had a few fursonas, but my female one is Ari the Great Dane and my male one is Johnny the Wolf. I get more art done for Johnny than I do Ari. Both are originals, inspired in some way of childhood heros, though. I'm from North Carolina, USA. I hate it here. I'm 18, My birthday is October 12th. I am currently jobless and have no income. I am of lower middle class. I weigh around 265LBs and am 5'4”, I'm female and I hate my boobs. I own my own studio, Arizona Crow Studios is what it's called. Where I practice cinematography, photography, design, all kinds of art and music. In a way, it's a “universal studio”! I am gender fluid. I am refereed to as female, though. I am a huge tom-boy. I love my dog, Kova. I despise the fact that my cat, Cherokee, is a rebel and destroys everything, but none the less love her. I have horrible anxiety problems. It's hard for me to go out into's hard for me to communicate with people. I have been depressed all my life, I have a chronic fear of throwing up. I have anxiety attacks (almost) every night from it.

I am a multi-instrumentalist musician. I own around 7 instruments, my Gibson Thunderbird Bass is my prized possession. I have always wished to be a great artist. I am a huge fan of Alice Cooper. I have met him once, he has taught me a lot about life. I have seen him in concert twice. I know some famous band people. I have met some famous people. Whether it is in person, a phone call, or online. Johnny Depp is my hero. He inspires me to act, and be who I am. I created Johnny Durango (Durango is a temp last name.) in his honor.

I am proud to say I graduated high school in 2012, from home school. I attempted to go to college in 2013 but my anxiety and panic attacks got the best of me. Not a soul will tell you I didn't fight, though. I am a loving aunt of a niece. I have a brother that is in the navy, I am very proud of him.

No one in the world is more important to me than my mother and my grandmother. My mother has had two heart attacks. I am terrified I might have one like her. There's nothing more I hate than a close minded person, a liar, and a thief. When I get the opportunity to show it, I am a loyal companion, and if you play your cards right, I will stay loyal.

I like to write but sometimes have my head get stuck after two minutes of writing. I am very subconscious about my looks. I like being a rebel and making my own stance. I like helping others. I like Futurama, The Walking Dead, Futurama, and World Of Warcraft. Once you get to know me, You'll get to see my sense of humor. I'm pretty relaxed and joking when I open up. :)

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I'm doing so much better now+ Future Film School

My depression is cleared up. My anxiety is nearly's still there, for sure. But one step at a time.

I've decided to go to film be a director. it's not much of a school as much as I just apprentice under a director for a year or so, meaning I'll be on set, working with actors, in meetings. And then I leave for California. Or New York. Seriously, No way in hell I'm going to NY.

Now I am just waiting for an income source to pay my tuition and everything...and I'm trying to enjoy life and find myself along the way.

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