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AriesHausdorff / 44 / Male / Sol System, Sol 3 ( Earth ), Eurasia continent

Commissions: Sometimes
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Did you know.... LeiLani?

You may.. No, you should be aware of LeiLanis lovely webcomic, "The Depths", starring three lovely ottergirls. When you like it, remember that art doesn't fall out of the sky. So, when you want to see more lovely otters, go to and consider sponsoring the lovely…

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WtV: Name a Continent! Up to the 20th of May

Hello everybody! I do have a set of continents on the World of Midgard which need to be named. Each continent needs, in a way, two names. One human one, and one of the "native" population. First, let's introduce you to the contestants: a) 'Afrasia', the continent where the Amazones and Fennekims li…

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Factions in WtV

Some things are still needed / looked for. Asgard Habitats: Doggygirls and their humans in Space!…

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Translight Drive Systems in "Welcome to Valhalla"

Translight Drives in "Welcome to Valhalla" Except the (Snow-)Leopards, none of the species that form the core of the WtV crew does posess translight capable starships. However, the Habitat AC's have since long a far reaching trade beyond the Tau Ceti, or Valhalla, star system. They manufactured spa…

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Thoughts on religious concepts within WtV

I read a lot of books this month on religions, religious concepts, origis of religions, self-view of religions and some more. Basically, I learned a lot more about humanity in general than I think is neccessary to be somewhat pessimistic in regards to said humanity and it's future. Anyway, fortunat…

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Open Projects - Anybody interested?

Open Projects Open Projects are tasks / pictures I would like to have made, but as they have a lower priority, I haven't commissioned anybody with it so far. Sometimes they are about a topic / content which I found no artist for so far or which I would enjoy giving into the hands of a new / younger…

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Sync Complete

20th December 2014 Syncing FurAffinity and Weasyl is now - regarding the contents I consider relevant at the moment - successfully done. This should protect against total blackouts. Setting up my homepage to handle contact requests will be done during the weekend, after which FA & Weasyl will conti…