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Anima / 37 / Male / Ohio, USA

Yes, I'm twenty feet long. No, I don't want to eat you right now, stop asking.
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Commissions closed!

Barring those I've already spoken to about them (even if we haven't quite formalized things yet) I'm closing commissions for now, sorry. It looks like employment is imminent again and I won't have the spare time to devote to them to the degree I've had recently. I'll post here again when I open for…

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Commissioning new Anima art

Commission time! It’s about time I commissioned new art of Anima. I’m considering getting an anthro version of him drawn, since there’s been some demand for that, but what’s more important is showing how he’s aging along with his player. I want to add some ‘pepper’ to his fur, and expand his facial…

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Guide to Painting Nerf Guns

I updated this old guide a bit and posted it on Reddit after someone there asked me to share some of my experience in painting guns. While it's quite specific to Nerf guns, a lot of the information can be applied to painting anything plastic, or spray painting in general. http://www.reddit.com/r/Ne…

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My Little Pony Fanfic

I've been working on a My Little Pony fanfic, novel-length, and though the rest of it's still undergoing revisions I've decided to post the first chapter. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/148909/sweet-apple-acres-for-sale-by-owner It's safe for work, rated 'E' for everyone, but there's a trigger wa…