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Jacob DreamWeaver / Male / Arizona

Take this fuck wisely my friend. I don't give fucks very often.
Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
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Suicide note

You have no idea how hard it was for me to figure out what to call this. I want to make a confession to you guys. Lately -as in the past few weeks- I've been feeling extremley suicidal, and I in fact have been committing self harm. I don't know where to start... I've been bullied this whole time...…

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$30 Feral Only commissons open ( 3 slots)

This small tablet is killin me and I can't even take apart my "new" one to sauder the jack back onto the board. I need to buy a new one. They will look like this Feral only, Can be dragon, canid, felid, no robots, n…

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3 $30 no higher no lower commissions

3 slots open for $30 base price commissions. No added charges. Feral/anthro only, no humans, robots, or extremely complicated designs. I do best with natural environments and fantasy/mythical settings (older houses, libraries, mushroom forests, etc.) 1. 2. 3. Examples:…

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Tablet Dead...?

It not lighting up? And it was working yesterday! I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers, but it's still no good, when I plug it up, the computer doesnt even make a sound and the tablet doesn't light up or anything. I have a huion H610 pro that i got about a month or two ago, and I'm really conf…

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Hey,,, Youtube!

I want to revive my youtube a little so I'll be doing video draws n such... Should I do a voice meme? You'll get to see me pretty face :D I'll make a poll on my DA. OK? VOTE vote vote vote IF so, then put as many questions as you like in the comments!

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Gameplay stream, help me choose the game!

I'll streaming the gameplay of either Supermario 64, Donkey Kong 64, or Diddy Kong racing. I need a vote though! The sooner i get the votes the faster i can set up!

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for those who are woundering

Next kiriban is 300 and if you're wondering what's taking the comic so long, i'm loaded up with commissions, and im writing the script. I'm almost done with page 1. The prologue is gonna look sloppy compared to the rest of the comic btw. The comic's like my only source of happiness right now ll it'…

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new deviantart

honestly im tired of doing this. But it must be done! Completley new slate. No journals linking to it on my old DA. Only recent art from this year.

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discounted commission $20 no higher no lower

16 pageviews away from the kiriban!!! I need $20 so I'm giving up a complete commission for half price, any additions (Extra characters, background etc.) is free. Just the base price. Examples: EDIT: P…

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Commissions are still open. Pieces like are $40, +5 every extra character and +5 for a detailed background And the kiriban is 150 pageviews if anyone forgot.

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Get to know me meme thing

What's your real name? We're staying with Jake on this one How tall are you? 5'5" What's your natural hair color? Dark red and brown What's your eye color? brown What's your orientation? Gay Are you single, taken or undecided? Single What do you do in your spare time? When not drawing i honestly ei…

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More info on webcomic

It'll be called distorted, It takes place in a furturistic yet medival setting where people can balance between human and animal forms. Everyone has a special element that is awakened at a certain age. Only info im giving out for now.

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Commissions open today on weasyl! Commissions open on FA on the 25th! Commissions open on Deviantart in febuary! Nexct weasyl kiriban is 150 pageviews. 2 winners. Commission prices 10$ An hour. 1 hour- $10 look like 3 hours- $30 Look…

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Kiriban at 50 pageviews

Offering a sketch (list below copied from fancyowls) Image Reference(s) : (max of 3 images) Name of character : Age of character : (if they look different than their real age, please tell us how old they look) Species of character : Gender of character: Personality of character : (max of 3 sentence…

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Improv webcomic in the making

II finally have the motivation to get a webcomic going. Thing is i havent set up a schedule for it and it's completely improv. People can have their fursonas as extras by request. The story's theme will remain hidden for now but i will be doing concept art for it.

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Trades open read before asking

I'm up for a quick trade. But im only gonna trade with someone my skill level or higher. Because it's like buying art from me for a cheap price and me buying your art for a high price. Usually I don't do it like this but i don't have the time really so this take sup more of my time and i want my ti…

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Gonna give Weasyl an offcial try

From the mouth of a rape victim, im not exactly pleased with the going ons at furaffinity. But i wasnt there when it happened, so im not sure what's true and what's not. But Deviantart is becoming even more of a shithole than it was. So i'm only uploading doodles to DA. For FA, im not sure yet. I o…