Homecon Fall2015 - Review by Temrin

Homecon is always a lot of fun but this year i participated a little differently as well. I put on some panels! A general SAI 101 panel was put on before my Friday stream and a shading tutorial was put on before my Sunday stream! They had better turn outs then i expected honestly so that's nice! FOR THOSE WHO COULDN'T MAKE IT they will be edited and put up on youtube as soon as i can!

Streams were filled with shenanigans and art which was a lot of fun. Thank you all who came and hung out in stream and to those who spread the word, commissioned me, etc! (The nice thing about online streaming events is there isn't any PCD for me! No weird feelings of loneliness because you are all of a sudden not physically around LOTS of people. Not to mention not having to 'travel home'.)

I am taking a break from art today as my wrists are quite sore from the constant arting but i should be getting back to the regularly schedule stuff in the next few days. (Not to mention my back and legs are angry so today i am going to be stretching and making sure i get some mobility back. XD )

**If you have any feedback for your HomeCon experience, PLEASE send them some feedback! You can find the information to do so at https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/7196597/ **

Kuromeru-Panthar - DAY 1 WINNER
Serandite - DAY 2 WINNER
kojolion - Day 3 WINNER
You have all been emailed with your prizes!
Thank you to everyone who participated! There were 39 entrants with just over 80 entries!

Homecon Fall2015 - Review


23 November 2015 at 13:13:37 MST

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    I'm so glad you had fun! Yay! :D

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      Me too! It was a lot of fun :3

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        Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! :D