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note: If you love my journals, and my works, be sure to share them to your friends. Everyone deserves to have a laughter and most certainly, everyone deserves to witness the literary masterpieces crafted by myself. Don't rob your friends of these two life fulfilling qualities.

This one was before I joined the reenactment association, but that doesn't make it priceless, I assure you.

Anyway, imagine this reenactment event set in the middle of nowhere, a generic Transylvanian hill, surrounded by forests and all, with hundreds, mayhaps even a thousand or two tourists coming only to visit us doing what we do best.

Eventually, a battle unleashes between the glorious Romans and the barbarians. The two sides line up against each other.
With their armours like tin-cans overlapping their tunics (imagine the tunic like the bastard offspring between a T-shirt and a skirt, the most manly attire ever known to man, worn by certified conquerors and bringers of civilization), the Romans marched like living tanks.

Anyway, the barbarians charge into the Roman lines, and during the battle, one Roman, who we will refer by the name "Biggus Dickus" (Hooray for Monty Python) gets hit by a spear and falls down to the ground in the middle of the onslaught.
Eventually, the two sides retreat, backing away, as the fight resulted in status quo.

They started eyeing one another from the distance, as a heavy silence engulfed the reenactors, and the tourists.
Suddenly however, the shrieking yelling of a woman emerged from the waves of tourists: teenagers, adults, parents, elders and many, many children.

"COVER IT! COVER! COVER IT!" her shrill voice echoed through everyone's ears, shouting and shouting these very words over and over again.
Utterly confused, the Romans and the Dacians were perplexed, looking around with widened eyes to see what was going wrong.

Suddenly, the eyes of an entire legion beset upon their fallen comrade: Biggus Dickus, and his o so obvious lack of underwear.
It appeared as if the manner in which he fell to the ground made the tunic to flap up and divulge his absence of any form of underwear whatsoever.
This meant that an entire legion, a barbarian horde, and hundreds of tourists, with many, many children all found out why Biggus Dickus had this rather bizarre name he proudly boasted. (which I invented on the spot for the courtesy of anonimity, mind you)

And then two legionaries took his shield, and covered his still body with it, pulling the curtains over the show.

Afterwards, the show proceeded as usual, with a possible number of children left traumatized, and possibly a few feminine cheeks turned red.

You think I'm jesting? Come to Transylvania, and see the wonders of our land for yourself. I invite you to witness our reenactment events too!


Domnul Eduard

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    Comedy gold.

    You have to hand it to him though, not only was he being entirely historically accurate, but he played his part as a vanquished soldier perfectly.

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    That is hilarious, thank you for sharing!

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    I miss my US Civil War re-enacting days. Historical re-enactments are great in general. xD