Small life update & Sketch commissions open! by Reisfuchs

Hey everyone! Just wanted to show my social side and communicate with my dear followers here :D
I am in a relationship now, happened 2 or 3 months ago and it's been pretty interesting so far. He's unlike any other person I know. He's no artist, he doesn't play any kind of video games, doesn't read books or comics, hasn't ever seen a movie twice. He's from Morocco and Muslim and so there's like billions of things we are just discovering about each others culture. He's also been living with me for a month now. It's very hard to get used to and I always have trouble falling asleep.
Work is doing great though. I got my first small raise :D Unfortunately, because of work and the relationship, I haven't been really active on the internet anymore. I hope y'all didn't miss me too much? :P

So how are you doing these days, how is your summer so far? Did you get a heatwave like germany too? How do you like the new thumbnails?

On another note, I'd love to do a sketch or two this weekend / next week. If you are interested send me a message with a ref and a description of what you'd like. Payment is via PayPal. First you'd get a veeeeeery rough sketch of the pose and if you approve, you'd send 10$ to my PayPal.
No limited slots, really. Pretty much first come, first serve :3
If you have any questions, don't be shy, I love talking to you :)

Thank you to everybody who follows me, everybody who read this and a huge thanks to Weasyl for the new thumbnails! xD

Small life update & Sketch commissions open!


10 July 2015 at 11:16:06 MDT

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    Congratulations! :D

    We're getting some very warm temperatures this weekend, so I'm not looking forward to that. I have mixed feelings on the thumbnails. I think on a computer it looks okay...on a small movie device like a smartphone, the thumbnails look excessively large. @_@

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      Ah, I haven't looked at the mobile version before. Yeah, looks a lot like Wondows 8 or something xD But I guess its okay for vieing purposes ^^

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        Yep! It's just a visual change we'll get used to! :)

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    na dann drück ich dir mal die daumen das du bald wieder ordentlich schlafen kannst

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      Heheh, danke Süße :3