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June Updates by Zeta-Haru

What's up guys ^^ (June always reminds me of Juno...)

Writing this journal to keep in touch touches and other stuff.

Well first of all, I'm in the process of "refining" my initial script for the Weekend 2 comic, making little changes, writing the sentences that are going to be on speech balloons, planning thumbnails and page frames. This process won't take long, but it's needed to make sure everything is right and I don't face any problems in the making of the comic pages.

I'm still worried about my boyfriend even though there is no danger anymore, he is still recovering and I try to make him happy, it's not easy to spend most of the time on bed and having liquid food when what you really want to do is the opposite, go out and have a good meal for example :/. But I promised I'll take him to have pizza once he recovers and we meet again. :3

I also got some games on steam, "Styx: Master of Shadows" and some games of the "Thief" franchise, that I never had the chance to play. They're all stealth games, my favorite genre! I started with Styx and it's being good so far. I'm also excited for Dishonored 2, probably the game that got me most hyped during E3.

Hmm... what else... ah, my sister got proposed, and she is also helping me more lately, I don't take care of my health that well, so she is kinda helping me with that.

I guess that's it! Half of the updates here I commented on my twitter (@ZetaHaru) but I wanted to make a journal like I use to, for you watchers and fans :3

Oh, Mytigertail has an auction going on, take a look, I thought wouldn't be a problem to share here, specially since he's trying to compensate for the costs he had, maybe you're interested!
This also reminds me to tell you that I will be making auctions during the comic making season, I have a few unused sketches that I would like to use for that and also come up with a few ideas that I've been wanting to make for some time, expect some lewd stuff.

See ya!

June Updates


20 June 2015 at 00:55:26 MDT

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    I'm glad to hear that your BF is getting better. Congratulations to your sister, too. :)