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Regarding Paw Day

WARNING -- Wall-O-Text® tl:dr data is in boldface, like this. Don't be too f*****g lazy to scroll down.

I was talking with some friends earlier this week about Paw Day. There was some confusion between that and somebody's idea to draw a paw print on your hand on May 25th, to help other Furries find you. (This seemed like a bad idea to me as it might also help people who were hostile to Furry find you. But that's a different issue.)

I'm sure that Paw Day was originally May 20th, because I made a note when I first saw the proposal. But the Furry who proposed it didn't say what it was for exactly, (although it has been used as an excuse to post paw fetish art. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m not here to yuck your yum.) Neither did he say whether it was supposed to be on a specific day on a specific week in May, (the way Mothers Day is always the second Sunday in May), or on May 20th every year. Nor did he say if it was meant to be perpetual or just for that one year.

My friends and I discussed the matter at length. We even came up with ideas for a Paw Week and to declare May "Furry Month." (We abandoned the latter.) We did agree that Paw Day was May 20th.

Then, somehow, I ended up in charge of reviving Paw Day! (Why me? That’s what I’ve been wondering.)

A quick search on FA seemed to show that Paw Day never really took off, but it didn't entirely die, either. The oldest FA posts I found were in 2011-2012. But it's always been May 20th. So let's make that official, (or what passes for "official" in Furry.)

May 20th will now and forever be Paw Day!
Its purpose is to celebrate paws in all their glory, (including, but not limited to, paw fetish.)

Paw Week will be the Sunday-through-Saturday in which May 20th falls.
Its purpose is to celebrate Furry in general and paws in particular and to help bring local Furries together.
Paw Week 2020 will start on May 17th and end on May 23rd.

Celebrate these occasions in friendship, with a positive attitude and otherwise in whatever way you see fit. Please pass this information on if you like the idea.

There! I have done my duty. Pick it up and run with it, or don’t.
-- Dee

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