BLFC yay! by Ruggy

Picked up con crud, but BLFC was great fun. Met some cool folks, played some fun games, and even managed to make it to a panel despite not being sober for most of the weekend. I also ordered a neat tail, got a cool print from Thornwolf (whose art I've been following since Yerf times), and picked up a last-day-sale tail to bring with me to festivals. (It is electric blue with tiger stripes. I think it'll be neat. Now I gotta dye my hair to match before Wakarusa/Bonnaroo!)

And the most expensive part was the flight! The hotel cost was really reasonable. I'm thinkin' next year is a go. :D

BLFC yay!


19 May 2015 at 15:58:22 MDT

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    It's a shame I ended up missing you (granted there were a lot of people there so I can see why) but next year dammit!

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      Yes! And yeah it was nuts there. A lot of fun, though. I'm looking forward to next year already!

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    It LOOKED fun as hell, I'm really sad to have missed it. Next year hopefully, I love the theme.

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      YES. We are planning on going next year too, we had a good enough experience this time. (Some people had issues with the hotel itself? But the convention was really well-organized and I was impressed.)