what would you guys like to see more in m gallery? by audiovideomeow

it can be any kind of suggestion. like what kind of NSFW art or clean art. anything! it could give me some ideas :)

what would you guys like to see more in m gallery?


14 April 2015 at 13:59:01 MDT

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    For SFW, pinups/serene pieces. For NSFW, I like oral sex and bondage. (also need more f/f f/o in my life)

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    I would love to see all kinds of things you're unlikely to draw :D

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    Lactation! ^//^

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    Well... the short answer from me is always "footpaws." :P You draw very nice ones.

    But for a more formal answer, yes you draw great paws, but you also draw some really fantastic action scenes. You have a real talent for expressing emotion in your characters, and paired with a scene (be it SFW or NSFW) it really sells the intensity of the moment. This is particularly powerful when you do multi-panel images. So whether the drawings involve paws or any of the other suggestions on this page, I think that's something that would be great to see more of. :)

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      wow thank you! :) i should do more paws XD

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        You're welcome. :) You do draw very nice looking footpaws - great shape to the pads, toes and excellent proportions. Nice thing is if you want to, they can just be part of a bigger picture (IE, they don't have to centrally dominate the theme of the piece, at least).