An Interesting Development by Threetails

So as some of you know, Nightphaser, who did the cover for "The Vimana Incident" is a Malaysian artist.

It seems that because of his help promoting the book, I now have a growing number of Twitter follows from Southeast Asia. This is pretty cool because there's a huge furry community throughout the region.

As yet I don't know how "Vimana" has done compared to my other work, but I'm thinking that this is the first of my books that I'd be willing to try multiple language editions of. I've already spoken in passing about this with a friend who can do the French translation, but if anyone else would like to try translating it into their local language I'd gladly see about a royalty-sharing deal. I can't afford professional translators unfortunately but I can give you something in return for your trouble.

I'd love to have at least an e-book edition in French, Spanish, Chinese, Malay, and Russian but I'd love to see translations into other local languages too.

Any interest?

An Interesting Development


5 April 2015 at 20:08:48 MDT

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    My English copy is already on its way from FurPlanet to Venezuela, but I'm sure a translation would be welcome as well by Spanish-speaking readers =).

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      Interested in helping with a translation? I can do Spanish to English but I'm not so good translating English to Spanish.

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        My daytime job would make me a bit slow..., but gladly I would give a hand with the translation! =D (It'd help my writer's resume too, by the way.) Can you give me a day to think it through, please?...

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          Of course. :)

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            I've just made some phone calls. If everything comes as planned, I'd be getting my copy of your novel between March 17th and March 20th at the latest...

            In other words, as long as I count on your final blessing..., I'm in! =)

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              Oops! Sorry: "April 17th and April 20th", I meant.

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                I'll have to talk to Fuzzwolf and Teiran about a Spanish edition but I'll let you know if we can organize it. :3

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                  Thanks a lot =3. Keep me informed, please...

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                    I'm actually very excited since I think a Spanish edition is an excellent idea. I don't think any of the current Furplanet authors have one out yet.

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                      I know the feeling, thankfully =). As far as I know, I'm the only Venezuelan writer who has published a Furry book. It's nice when you feel you could open a new road, with all due humility =^_^=.