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2015 Commission Prices & TOS by Amagire

All prices are in U.S. dollars (USD), and I am currently only able to offer digital artwork. If you'd like to be notified if/when I am available for traditional media artwork, plushies, or sculpture, please send a note!

SKETCHES: $20.00 (additional figures $10.00 each)
Loose rough lines with moderate detail, white or transparent background. Examples -- 1, 2

LINEART: $30.00 (additional figures $10 each)
Refined, cleaned weighted lines with fine detail, white or transparent background. Examples -- 1 NSFW (nude), 2

FLAT COLOR: $50.00 (additional figures $15 each)
Soft sketchy color, minimal shading, on a white, transparent, or gradient background. Examples -- 1, 2, 3 NSFW (nude)

FULL COLOR: $60.00 and up (additional figures $20 each).
Fully detailed and shaded figures integrated into a full-color background. Examples show my minimum level of background rendering: customers willing to pay more will get more time spent on background and figure detail. Examples -- 1, 2 NSFW (sex), 3 NSFW (nude)

REFERENCE SHEET: $50.00 and up
A basic reference sheet is two full-figure poses and two inset views. The full figures can be anything: clothed and nude, front and back, anthro and quad; inset views are likewise flexible. Additional figures are $10.00, additional close-ups are $5. Currently I am only able to do text by hand; if you'd like standard lettering, it's $15-20 extra, depending on the amount of text needed. Examples -- 1, 2. 3, 4 NSFW (nude), 5 NSFW (nude), 6 NSFW (nude, fetish content)

I also regularly run YCH-style auctions! These are a chance for potential commissioners to get substantial discounts on my art by bidding on things I like to draw. I am open to suggestions: check out this journal if you have something you'd like to see. I'm also happy to offer discounts to repeat customers, and to people who purchase my adoptables.


I absolutely will not, under any circumstances, draw any underage character on commission: no infants, no children, no "cub" characters. Sorry, not even in non-adult work. In the interest of full disclosure, I will also admit that I am unlikely to take any commissions involving Sonic the Hedgehog or My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic style or characters; I just think they look terrible when I draw them. Anything else, including other forms of fanart, is fairly negotiable. Like any artist, I have strengths and weaknesses and am more likely to accept commissions that play to my strengths, but I'm open to drawing almost anything.


To inquire about a commission from me, send a note! I check Weasyl regularly and will respond in a day or two at most. I do expect payment in full, in advance: if you prefer to pay in installments, want to approve a sketch before you commit to a full-color piece, or aren't sure to what degree you'd like a particular piece completed, you may pay for a sketch first and then deduct the sketch price from whatever finishing level you choose. (For example, if you paid $30.00 for a two-character sketch, and then decided that you wanted it inked and colored with no background, I would charge you an additional $35, bringing the total to $65). I accept Paypal only, at this time: please select the "no shipping required" option when you submit your Paypal payment.


If I need to cancel your commission for any reason (e.g. my computer explodes, a shark eats both of my hands, etc.), I will give you a full refund regardless of whether your art is partially completed or not. If you need to cancel the commission, 100% refunds are available until I start work on your art, after which you will get a partial refund + work completed up to that point (which you may elect to have finished later, or finished by another artist). Typically, refunds will be 75% if sketch work is completed, 50% if ink work is completed, and 25% if I've started coloring.

So far I haven't had any issues with customer dissatisfaction, but mistakes and miscommunication are inevitable. I will do my best to communicate, follow references, and ask questions to ensure your satisfaction, but in the event that I make an error on your commission that cannot be fixed, I am willing to refund up to 50%.


You are welcome to post any artwork I do for you anywhere you like. If the artwork isn't substantially modified, credit and a link back to my Weasyl gallery is appreciated, but not required. (Modifications not considered substantial: resizing, cropping, flipping). However, if the piece is substantially modified from its original form (e.g. if my lineart is colored by another artist), I do request appropriate credit and a linkback if the modified art is posted publicly.

By default, I retain the commercial rights to all the artwork I produce: from a commissioner's standpoint, this means you can print out a commission I've done for you and put it on your wall, but you can't sell prints. I also reserve the right to edit and repost commissioned artwork for advertisement purposes (i.e. I might use your pic in a collage or as a sample of my work), and to sell prints at cons.

I am certainly available for both commercial and "anonymous" commission work, but that needs to be negotiate that up front.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments, or send me a note! Thanks, as always, for +watching.

2015 Commission Prices & TOS


4 March 2015 at 13:48:55 MST

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