Thanks For Posting by TristanAlexander

To everyone who continues to post on this site, THANK YOU! Over on FA there are those who think this site is dead or dying but I see almost as much posts here as I do there and I know I and a few other only post here!

To those who keep this site going, thank you, to those who watch me and fav or comment on my stuff, thank you!

The only way ANY site grows or keeps going is for those on it to use it, to post and follow and support it!

Thanks For Posting


4 January 2015 at 13:46:42 MST

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    This site is so much cleaner and much more user friendly.

    It also is more accepting of different types of media, which is awesome.

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    Well written! and seconded!

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    You're welcome! ^-^
    Eventually FA will have one less poster (me), and Weasyl will have all of me. :D

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      Well FA keeps having major issues and people leave but then most return (like abused spouses), I have o idea what people keep going back!
      Honestly the activity here has steadily increased and I just hope it grows and stays strong.

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        I hope so, too. I'll be leaving FA as soon as my current commission list is done. I'll have art there, but I won't be posting anything after that. I'll collect commissions from there as well. Why not milk it as long as I can, eh? ;)