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I've been a furry since I was 15. I first discovered FurAffinity (FA) when I was almost 19 and quickly made myself at home there. I moved to InkBunny before the crazy time of the cub ban on FA. I still use both sites just as much.

I have more art on FA and IB than what is posted here, but it is older than the oldest submission I have here, but check me out in those places, too if you want more. There is some good stuff, if I do say so myself.

Don't be afraid to message me, but I generally won't accept a friend request unless we actually are friends, so get to know me first.



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Still Around Guys!

on 29 March 2016 at 11:58:37 MDT

And gals.

Just thought I'd drop in to let you know I'm still around, BUT I'm not doing any art right now. I'm busy looking for a(n other) job and have no time with my current job to actually do any art. I'm doodling, and doing other sketchy type things, but I've not drawn a proper thing in a while.

So the big news is I will be cancelling my commission list. Which means I am not doing that for the immediate future. However, they will still be in my list, and you won't have to pay for them, but they'll be treated as requests. If you have already paid, I will refund you if you want.

Anyway, that's the reason I needed to drop in and wave myself around in your face.

Also, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!! to my new watchers (and my loyal followers). Haven't had the time, ad I've already said, over the past six months to thank you all for your - around 50 - new watches and such. It really means a lot, and I do greatly appreciate it. :'3

Right! So I'm going back to relaxing after dealing with angry phone people and will come back to you all once I have more time on my paws.

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    snuggles on

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    Thought I was already following ya, weird.

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      You seem to do this every year. XD

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        I probably unwatch a bunch of peeps when I get tired of fetishes they draw, time passes, and then I regain my interest and watch em' again.
        Rinse and repeat. ;_;

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    Thanks for the follow!

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      No problem! :) I like your stuff, and I want more. Give me more damnit! D: