Did that catch your attention? I bet it did. Now here's the truth about things. As with the previous journal, all news is recent. This time the news is only 72hrs old or newer.

Nintendo has finally said it. Certain Amiibo's will be discontinued after their initial shipment and are unlikely to return. Notice they said unlikely, not, never to return. That means there will be several more shipments. As Nintendo stated in one of their comments following the backlash.

"Addle you're lying. They're discontinued. You just said Nintendo admitted it."
WRONG! And here's why.

Yes, as I stated in the previous journal (, Marth, Villager, and Wii Fit Trainer sold out faster because Nintendo deliberately produced FEWER QUANTITY of these figures. The reason? Nintendo believes they were less popular and deemed the action right.

This is not the end! That's right. THIS IS NOT THE END! Within the last 48hrs, a recent photo was released showing a full shelf of **Marth **Amiibos. YES! A full shelf of Marth Amiibos. Where? Non other than the UK! A local gamer received the picture from his brother showing that the store had received a NEW shipment of Marth Amiibos. Although Wii Fit Trainer and Villager restocks are unknown, Marth is confirmed.

With the UK getting new shipments of Marth Amiibos, it's safe to say that the US is likely to see more of these so-called discontinued Amiibos. For those that paid $40+ dollars on a $12.99 figure, you should've been patient.

Now, IF the actual figures are sold out, Nintendo is looking at releasing Amiibo cards. Naturally this is a turn off for many fans, and they are showing it. The massive backlash of Nintendo saying these figures were discontinued forced them to reconsider. Causing them to look into this option. However, it isn't just cards. Nintendo is also looking into other options, but for now, they have stated they may go the TCG route.

The Nintendo World Store even received a new shipment of ALL THREE! But it was limited 1 per person. Now in three days, they may be sold out, but you never know. The bad thing is that NWS does NOT ship. You have to walk in and buy it.

If this is not enough facts for you, then something is wrong with you. If you want to continued spending insane amounts of money for these figures, something's wrong with you. Nintendo is on record saying these Amiibo may return at a later date. Just because their 1st--see, their first shipment--sold out, does not mean they are discontinued.

TL;DR: Trio of "rare" Amiibo figures appearing in NY and Marth appearing in the UK as a new shipment. When the figures do sell out at a later date, look forward to getting an Amiibo card.

credit and proof: (don't be lazy. click the ign link and scroll through the video feed.)



21 December 2014 at 02:51:13 MST

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