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Amiibo Disaster (as of 12/14/14) by AddleTwintone

TL;DR No Amiibo figure has been discontinued. Wait till after Christmas and they should return.

I honestly do not know if any of you have been following the news about Nintendo's Amiibo figures. Spending the last few hours, I've read several articles from various sources/articles/websites, and I am still a bit confused about what's going on. Note, while I was searching I only looked at posts that were only 24hrs old or newer.

What I found is that no Amiibo has been discontinued. That's right, NO Amiibo has been cancelled. Of course I'm referring to the three that Scalpers are robbing us of: Marth, Villager, and Wii Fit Trainer.

Within the last 24hrs, new articles have been released that Nintendo did not anticipate for their Amiibo line to sell that well. Especially with their lesser known characters. Because of this, certain figures sold out faster than others because of several things. 1) The figure was popular. 2) The figure didn't have as many units created as other Nintendo IP's.

Remember, the rumor that certain Amiibo's were discontinued, started from a Third-Party seller. They continue to hold true to their word, but there is a flaw with this. I discovered a screenshot of a Gamestop computer listing details about the three Amiibo figures. It was a two sentence note saying something along the lines of, "these figures will not appear on our shelves until we order more."

Even Nintendo released a newer post stating that their figures sold better than expected. They plan on keeping Amiibo figures stocked and available. Just because they said they are worried about shelf space does not mean they are going to cut Amiibo. It just means they can't fit every single one on a shelf for you to grab and run. Hopefully this means that retailers will have MORE available for online shipping.

This is all I've found since I am after a Marth Amiibo. I'll wait till after the Holidays to get one because I'm not spending $80 for a $12.99 figure. If the US markets continue having Amiibo problems, I'll just import one.

Thanks for reading and have a Merry Holiday Season!

Amiibo Disaster (as of 12/14/14)


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