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| | I'm not trying to yell, I just want this to be the first thing you read. I work hard on my art and do not want others to steal. Don't be a Squidward.

This is more of a secondary account. I'm mainly active on FA, but will be uploading art and getting to know this site as well. Who knows, this might become my main later on.

RL Me:
Straight | INFJ | Medium muscle build | Searching for my mate

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All Clear!

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[P] = Personal. Things I have drawn myself.
[C] = Commission. Things I've commissioned or got via adoptables.
[G] = Gifts. Whether they were via raffle, freebies, or kindness.
[R] = Requests. Things I've done via requests. (not always available, feel free to ask. the worst is I say no.)


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Latest Journal

20 Years of Tales!

Tales of Phantasia:

A nice game and pretty good anime. (seen the anime)

Tales of Destiny:

A good title in the series. The remake looks just so cool.

Tales of Eternia:

An Amazing group of characters. :o

Tales of Symphonia:

Regarded, to this day, as the BEST in the series. With a pretty good anime to boot! (owns the original GC game and has the anime)

Tales of Legendia:

An epic game with some of the best character designs I've seen. (owns a black label PS2 copy)

Tales of the Abyss:

Bad-Ass to the EXTREME with hands down the best and smartest characters ever to come out of the series. The anime is very well animated too. (watched the whole anime series)

Tales of Vesperia:

A really cool game. Though it's sad that this is when full anime cut scenes started to slow down. (the movie was ok)

Tales of Symphonia-New World:

Not as good as the original. Took some chances with the formula. Some worked, some doesn't. (owns the Wii title)

Tales of Graces f:

A beautifully perfect and fun battle system. Sluggish story pace. (owns a non greatest hits version)

Tales of Xillia 1 and 2:

A beautiful looking game with so many good things said about them. (has yet to play them)

Tales of Hearts R:

Technically a port from the DS to the Vita, but a good game none the less. Shares things and identical scenes from Legendia.

Tales of Zestiria:

Looking to be the ABSOLUTE BEST AND RE-DEFINITION OF TALES GAMES EVER!!!!!!!!! (hyped as all hell for this. And it's on the PS3!!!!!)

Notice, this list does not include every title. It's only the main flagship titles. If we included all titles, it would easily hit 15 games. But yea, this is one series I love to death. Especially Symphonia and Legendia. I STILL wish they made an anime out of Legendia. :\

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