Status Update for Commissioners and Watchers. by Sparkyopteryx

I just want to give forewarning to those people that commissioned art from me over the past month: I'm very busy currently. The workload is rather large and I can't always devote a full day to working on things because holidays. There's packing, wrapping, corresponding, planning, outings, its a mess and wreaking havoc on my more productive, typical schedule.

That isn't saying I'm not working on them though! I'm getting through them slowly, but I am getting them. Barring being suddenly and even more busy than I already am, I should get them done by Christmas, if not shipped by then as well.

Apologies for being so much slower than I normally am, but I thank you all that are being patient with me. I hope everyone's Yuletide days and nights are enjoyable, festive and above all, with minimal stress. It's Christmas in the art trenches for me.


Status Update for Commissioners and Watchers.


6 December 2014 at 14:59:34 MST

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    Good to hear things are going well! :3c Holidays are nice times.

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    Wrap all of the presents! Cook all the things!