My computer is Fucked. I NEED HELP ;___; by gillpanda

Okay... I'm having issues with my PC, on the 28th, I experienced 3 BSOD's and form what I noticed, was that it was crashing when I was playing multiplier on Serious sam HD:TFE. and now, 2 days later after finishing up most of the last page of the RCA comic, I noticed my PC slowing down and I used the same programs as always and I never had this much issue with streaming privately on

And what happened was that it crashed and the blue screen popped up. I have no clue why. when the computer boots back up I now see that there are white dots across the start up screen.

After that screen I saw the normal windows 7 boot up windows logo, afterwards I'm looking at a black screen which is supposed to be the log in screen, and after waiting for a little bit, the PC shuts down!

and I have no clue why. I reboot! same thing, over and over, I'm currently in safe mode with network right now, and I'm using a laptop to type this poorly typed journal.

so please guys I really need help, if you're on my skype or know some one who knows how to take care of this problem contact me here on my notes. we can try using team-viewer or something.

I run windows 7 home premium with a ATI Radeon HD 6800 series graphics card and 16 gigs of ram. I think this PC was put together back in 2011. and I don't know why I'm having issues now.

this is my main PC and without it I wont be able to finish any of the commissions you guys wanted, and I will not be able to make money for bills. so if you know anything contact me! please!

My computer is Fucked. I NEED HELP ;___;


30 November 2014 at 23:00:21 MST

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    :( The dropbox image link is broken. The BSoD (as scary as it is) can give some clue as to what caused it in the first place. It could be drivers, could be hardrive(pray for the latter not having a core dump as that is one of the worst case scenarios).

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    It looks like a graphics card issue - if your motherboard has onboard graphics, try plugging a monitor into that and see if it works? Sometimes taking the card out and putting it back in can fix the problem too.

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      Seconded. Try the onboard video, if available, or reseating the card. A RAM test probably wouldn't go amiss either, just in case, since it's a little odd that artifacts are showing up on the BIOS screen.

      No replies on FA is most likely because their notification system is FUBAR at the moment. Your journal didn't show up in my inbox there.

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        I will third the ram test, had a rig that was constantly throwing curveballs and I thought was video and turned out to be the ram, even then ram checks came out fine as well, wasnt untill I got a new vid card in the rig and it kept on crashing that I finnally took the ram out of my personal rig and swapped with the other.

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      Third'd - Definitely looks like a graphics card issue. Anytime you see artifacts like that implies something's gotten cooked on the graphics card.

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      That's some very sound advice, usually those dots are a symptom of poor BGA connections on the GPU after it has been running hot for a long time. Some people have had success reflowing the card in an oven but that's not something to be recommended willy nilly...

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    What Kauko said. Also, while it's open, check the fans. Failed fan could cause card failure very quickly.

    You may have to take the Radeon out to use onboard graphics by default, although it's probably selectable in the BIOS.

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      In addition to this, if you can't check the fans for whatever reason, you can download a heat monitoring program to see if things are getting higher than they should be. I had to replace a fan just recently myself.

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    You need to Change yout video card or if you don't have one you need to buy one but i suggest that if you have a built in Video card on your motherboard i suggest that you need to buy a new one

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    I hope all goes well, I'm not sure what to do. Chu

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    I've had this same issue. I can confirm what everyone else is saying. Those artifacts you are seeing is a dying video card. Ya just need to get a new one and you should be fine! Depending on how long you've had the video card, it probably just hit it's expected age and died. Do remember to take your case off and use compressed air to blow out your fans once in a while, this includes your video card if it has an on board fan, which most of the current ones nowadays do.

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    Yeah, gotta agree with the rest of these folks. Graphics must be running too hot. Though before you try anything drastic, when's the last time you dusted? Try unplugging the graphics card from the system, and blowing the PCI-E slot. My old PC used to have a similar issue with the card not -quite- connecting right (the aftermarket cooler fan was too heavy and gradually pulled it free).
    Radeons tend to run hot, though. It's likely you've gone and cooked your gpu.
    OR, if there IS a bad fan, the system could be overheating by the time it gets to Windows.

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    like people are saying, it could be a graphics issue.
    next time the BSOD pops up, there'll be an error code. if you have enough time (because sometimes the BSOD is only up for a few seconds)
    copy the code down.
    type the code into google and it'll tell you what happened.
    it might not be much help but it might shine some light on the issue.

    i kinda had something like this happen but it wasn't dots.
    it was green streaks and dots and the computer would totally freeze up.
    i think it was my mother board
    but i don't think that you're having the same issue though.

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    If it's still an issue, google for a program called whocrashed which will look at the crash logs and give you an explanation of the probable cause without having to scramble to get the BSOD codes (though those could still be helpful).