DECEMBER SIGN-UPS CLOSED!!!!!!!!! by ConbadgeExchange


It's that time again, the one where we do the fancy sign ups.

A few notes

  • Sign ups are open 7-10 days. If you are participating in the previous round, DO NOT sign up unless you have turned in for the previous round.
  • If you owe art/are blacklisted on Furaffinity do not sign up, the blacklist extends here and there!!!
  • You will receive a note when sign-ups close on who you are to draw.
  • DO NOT sign up if you will not be able to complete a badge by the deadline of ~one month.
  • Humans are allowed but please give a second option including a furry character as not everyone is comfortable with humans.
  • If you have complicated/monster characters they are also welcome but it is recommended you give a secondary character as well since this community does allow beginner, harder creatures can be a little out of their level.

Weasyl Username: Your Weasyl Username (please put YOUR USERNAME HERE, even if the badge is for someone else or a character account, this spot is for OUR RECORDS) Do not type out your username as a link or icon, just spell your name, I literally like being able to copy/paste names quickly and easily.
Character Name: Name of your character that you would like on the badge, if the badge is for someone else you may link the user here after typing out the name on the badge as a benefit to the artist.
Gender: What gender(s) your character identifies as
Species: What species your character identifies as
Reference Image: Any reference images you can provide.
Description: A brief description of your character plus anything else that isn't on the reference sheet.
Accessories: Does your character have any accessories?
Rating: The maximum rating you would like your badge to be. As a reminder, the maximum rating allowed here is R, note if someone picks a rating of R it does not mean YOU MUST draw R related work it's just the max of what they want to receive, most badges are clean and safe for work so don't feel you have to draw sexuality or gore. BADGES ARE NOT PORN! X rated material does not exist here.
Anything else?: Any other relevant information about your character? Would you like a certain theme for your badge?



24 November 2014 at 16:07:44 MST

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    Weasyl Username: sashimineko
    Character Name: Onee
    Gender: Male
    Species: Nekomata
    Reference Image:
    Description: Fun, happy go lucky, loves creepy and cute things, and honestly.. whatever you feel they would fit as. Onee's more of an avatar than a character.
    Accessories: None that are mandatory. :)
    Rating: PG
    Anything else?: Any hair style (male or female), but I'd like the color preserved. Winter themed! Snow, hot chocolate, scarves, all that fun stuff! No holiday theme please. I'm not into that. Thanks! :)

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    Weasyl Username: SpytDragonFyre
    Character Name:Special
    Species: Mutt of the canine variety
    Reference Image:
    Description: On her anthro version, she's missing the yellow spots on her hands!
    Accessories: Only accessories are her earrings (and only one is mandatory).
    Rating: PG-13 for Language and Gestures (but she's generally more of a G character)
    Anything else?: I'm down with any theme you can think of <3

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    Weasyl Username: Lazer_hyena

    Character Name: Peppermint

    Gender: male

    Species: spotted hyena

    Reference Image:

    Description: Cute, effeminate, about 5'7" tall, winter mint green eyes, peppermint pink paw pads/inner ears/ tongue. His nose is darker than the red of his markings.

    Accessories: You can put him in scarves, girly clothes, anything cute and wintery.

    Rating: G

    Anything else?: He can be drawn as an inflatable, a cub, or adult. I would love a wintery themed badge! I celebrate commercial Christmas.

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    Weasyl Username: rkniner
    Character Name: Richard K Niner (may be shortened to R.K. Niner)
    Gender: Male
    Species: Dog (Toller)
    Reference Image: (Clean) or (NSFW)
    Description: A yellow duck-tolling retriever with brown hair and glasses (may be swapped with prescription shades depending on weather). Any exposed flesh (such as nose) is a bluish-grey. Eyes are brown if irises are visible.
    Accessories: Other than the glasses, and an occasionally visible analog watch on his left wrist, not really.
    Rating: G-R
    Anything else? See above ;)

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    Username: Rabies
    Character: Gelpi - Red Panda/Cubi cis-female

    Description: Can be shown with or without back and head wings.
    Here is a link about cubi:

    Rating: PG. No illegal activities please.
    Theme: Winter or holiday theme please

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    Weasyl Username: jaxisblack
    Character Name: Jaxis
    Gender: Female
    Species: Melonistic black backed jackal
    Reference Image: //
    Description: Optional feral or anthro. Anthro hair and clothing style is heavily referenced on Hollywood rock and roll/Andy Biersack/Black Veil Brides. Aka lots of leather, chains, studs, black, Halloween, etc
    Accessories: Optional! Think of gothic/Hot Topic accessories that are primarily silver. Studs, crosses, feathers, etc
    Rating: PG please!
    Anything else?: Christmas/winter theme optional. Please be aware of the eye spots and the backs of the ears are tri-coloured. If you're able to add in the BVB pentagram (as background design or necklace), that would be awesome! But if you can't or it doesn't work into the idea, that's no problem :) -

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    Weasyl Username: Larka
    Character Name: Hex
    Gender: Male
    Species: Gryphon
    Reference Image:
    Description: Nearly always drawn as anthro please. If you want to draw clothing on him, then go ahead, though i haven't got an "outfit" for him yet so its up to you! Also his personality: he's a very sweet and happy character! So would like this reflected in the badge if possible.
    Accessories: None
    Rating: PG
    Anything else?: Maybe a Christmas or winter theme?

    Thank you and have fun!

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    Weasyl Username: Corgi-On
    Character Name: Cathaal (for Drest-In-Plaid)
    Gender: Male
    Species: Wolfverbear
    Reference Image:
    Description: Calm, intelligent, resourceful and graceful under pressure, yet sometimes given to fits of passion or otherwise sensitive when his principles are violated, though behind closed doors he has been known by few to show his soft spots. Despite his calmity, he typically resorts to seemingly gutsy and unorthodox behavior, and as a result has gained many friends and adversaries.
    Rating: Any.
    Anything else?: Notes about your character: As the reference given does not display his flesh color, the insides of his mouth (And genitals if anyone is interested in a mature piece) is black, and the inside of his ears can be a darker shade of brown than his fur color. His hair is also typically windswept or otherwise wild-looking. Other notes and more detailed personality profile given in URL.

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    Weasyl Username: Taiaboliclaw
    Character Name: D-Claw
    Gender: Female
    Species: Feline: House Cat
    Reference Image:
    Description: Your basic toon cat...basically.
    Personality: She takes being a supervillainess very seriously...she's just not good at being evil. Kinda Kooky. Little nutty. Very Toony.
    Accessories: Claw Gloves are a necessary evil (pun intended)
    Rating: G-PG
    Anything else?: If you want, something Christmas or winter themed.

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    Weasyl Username: Kestral
    Character Name: Kestral
    Gender: Female
    Species: Fox
    Reference Image:
    Description: her hair is red with black tips, and the hair can either be long or short, there is no preference to it, she also can be feral/have muzzle ex: tattoos do not show up if drawing her as feral.
    Accessories: she sometimes has a little flying squid/jellyfish thing floating about her, he's a companion/familiar type thing and just appears when wanted.
    Rating: G-R
    Anything else?:holiday theme maybe? have fun??

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    Weasyl Username: Devil Dog
    Character Name: Cutter
    Gender: Male
    Species: Dog, Catahoula/Bluetick Coonhound mix
    Reference Image:
    Description: A Merle Black and Tan puppy, can be feral or anthro.
    Accessories: A red collar.
    Rating: G - PG
    Anything else?: Maybe he could have a santa hat or some reindeer antlers on :D

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    Weasyl Username: MattCatt
    Character Name: Dylan
    Gender: Male
    Species: Wolf
    Reference image:
    Description: Teenage femboy wolf. Pretty slim and short.
    Accessories: His gold heart necklace, but not required if you don't want to.
    Rating: PG
    Anything else?: Nothing specifically "holiday", though general winter-themed is okay.

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    Weasyl Username: Mortalvis
    Character Name: Kaye
    Gender: Genderqueer
    Species: Penguin/gecko android
    Reference Image:
    Description: Androgynous android currently equipped with gecko and penguin parts that they find aesthetically pleasing. Since there is no back view on the ref, I'll add that they do have the spots all over their back as well. They can be dressed in nothing, but if equipped with clothes, they typically have any combination of the following on: dress shirts, waistcoats, striped long-sleeved shirts, jeans (typically tight ones), track pants, or just boxer briefs with nothing else.
    Accessories: Not necessary but Kaye usually wears dog tags (actually their production tags) around their neck or wrapped around their wrist.
    Rating: Any
    Anything else?: Nope

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    Weasyl Username: LarkspurDragon
    Character Name: Kaaryn (owned by SilveryGryphoness SilveryGryphoness
    Gender: Female
    Species: Gryphon
    Reference Image:
    Description: A magical gryphon lady. The colors on her wings and body are never the same, so however you draw them is okay, as long as you keep her mostly silver and spotty.
    Accessories: She sometimes wears a string of bells on her hind leg.
    Rating: G-PG please.
    Anything else?: I think this may be the first badge she's gotten, so be kind ^v^

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    Weasyl Username: AngelBlancoArts
    Character Name: Sketch
    Gender: Male
    Species: Dog - Dalmatian breed
    Reference Image: a balloon or cookie though! lol)
    Description: Just a happy go lucky Dalmatian with a heart of gold! He wears a blue shirt with blue jeans.
    Accessories: Just a gold cross necklace
    Rating: G
    Anything else?: I guess I would like something to do something with the Nativity and Jesus' birth. <:) Jesus shouldn't be anthropomorphic though, of you draw him! Sketch can be either a shepherd or a wise man. ;)

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    Username: Rowdymonster
    Character Name: Teagen
    Gender: Male
    Species: Beagle Dog
    Reference Image:
    Description: Just a big goofy puppydog, loves balls and food. Easily excitable, stereotypical big dumb dob.
    Accessories: Red collar with golden bone shaped dog ID tag
    Rating: PG13 max please, I like being able to wear badges in public spaces
    Anything else?: Nupe, just have fun with it

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    Username: FoxesHunt-TheHounds
    Character Name: Sparkle Fang
    Gender: Female
    Species: German Shepherd/Rough Collie
    Reference Image:
    Description: In the ref c:
    Accessories: None
    Rating: Any!
    Anything else?: Have fun c:

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    Weasyl Username: Alice_Alexia
    Character Name: Luna
    Gender: Female
    Species: Deer
    Reference Image:
    Description: An adorable curious little deer girl! You can draw her as a kid or an adult but she always has the bandaid on her nose :3
    Accessories: Bandaid on her nose and bow in her hair!
    Rating: G
    Anything else?: Anything christmas themed or snowy! I love the holidays and snow :D

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    Weasyl Username: Yamigriffin

    (pick a char OR any char listed on my page)
    Character Name: Yami griffin
    Gender: female
    Species: dragon/griffin hybrid Anthro
    Reference Image:
    Anthro dragon with feathered wings, neck and a few feathers at the tip of her tail, usually only wears a trench coat. Dark/black with purple iridescence and hues.
    Accessories (clothing, jewelry, weapons, etc): trench coat, preferred weapons being two custom daggers The size of short swords.
    Preferred environment: Anything dark or Urban
    Personality: random violence, confrontational and generally cocky (Chaotic evil with neutral tendencies)
    Rating: R

    Character Name: Athena
    Gender: Female
    Species: Anthro Osprey
    Reference Image:
    Description: Feminine, likes to wear loose fitting clothes.
    Accessories: nothing set in stone
    Rating: R
    Anything else?: Like her namesake, she has a think for owls.

    Character Name: Aethreal
    Gender: Male
    Species: non Anthro Griffin
    Reference Image:
    Description: His hawk portion is not a set species, but resembles a harris hawk in coloration and facial build. The cere extends to and past the eye, producing a bald spot a few shades lighter than the majority of the beak, accented by a patch of red feathers on the lower part of the bald spot, past the eye. a few small whiskers extend out over the top of the cere and below the lower jaw. a black falcon like stripe descends from his eye as well. The eyes are positioned forward facing (predators need their depth perception) and are a red/orange color with yellow highlights. A Feathered mohawk of sorts starts slightly before the nape and stops after roughly five feathers. White, light accents can be found on the brow and back jaw areas as well as a white ruff along the scruff of his neck. Wings are beute like, but slightly pointed. a few wayward feathers stick out above his shoulders. Shoulders of the wings are a rust color and primary feathers are tipped with red. forearms are elongated. Tail looks more lion ish, but the spots/markings of a snow leopard extend on it. Cat tail is covered by a tail fan, feathers tipped in red like the primaries of the wings.
    Accessories (clothing, jewelry, weapons, etc): gold tail ring
    Personality: spastic, highly entertained by shinny objects and anything in general.. Doesn't mean he can't be serious or can't fight.. He's just a special lil griff (lawful good With a little ADD)
    Rating: R

    Alternatively, any char listed on my profile as well

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    Weasyl Username: thecreepingcow
    Character Name: Asenka Cherryblossom
    Gender: Female
    Species: Pandaren/Bear (Species in World of Warcraft)
    Reference Image: (Asenka is the one on the left.)
    Description: Asenka is a bit shorter than some other Pandaren, standing at 5'5”. She still has the same build as many of her race, plus extra padding around the chest area. She keeps herself very well groomed, both her hair and fur having a shine to them. Her hair is kept in two buns, pardoning her bangs and the two small braids, and decorated with three fresh cherry blossoms. Her hair is a rich brown color that has milk chocolate colored highlights through out. Parts of the fur on her body is a slight shade lighter than her hair, the rest is a creamy/off white. Her eyes are a blue-ish gray in color. She usually smells of the foods she has cooked due to enjoying cooking so much, or if she hasn't really cooked anything for the day she smells of the cherry blossoms that are kept in her hair.
    Accessories: She has covers over her buns, a Monroe piercing that can be any color, and cherry blossom flowers are usually kept in her hair.
    Rating: PG-13
    Anything else?: Have fun and enjoy!

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