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I'm a yellow toller (Nova Scotia Duck-tolling Retriever, if you want the full name of the breed) from Toronto.

I draw stuff, take photos and spot at fursuit events around town, including the local convention Furnal Equinox. My pictures are available on Picasa; feel free to borrow them if you want to post to your account (so long as you credit me for taking them).

Other Websites/Profiles
I can also be found on the websites below:
Homepage | Fur Affinity | Mastodon

More art is available here.

Latest Journal

Furnal Equinox meme

Guess what?
Furnal Equinox is 10 days away!
March 17-19 at the Westin Harbour Castle in Toronto.

Wanna go for walkies? Join the Tour De Fur fursuit walk!

With the crowd we drew last year, I'm making some tweaks and keeping the route along the waterfront. Ideally this will limit road crossings.

Route info is up here.

Do you have a fursuit and want to join? Simply show up; there will be space.

Not a fursuiter? We will DEFINITELY need handlers; any extra helping paws will be appreciated. Willing to help go that extra mile? I'll have some walkie talkies and signs to help direct everyone along the route.

Meet at 3:00pm on Saturday in front of the convention centre, weather permitting. We will leave shortly after.

Where are you staying?
The Westin

What day are you getting there?
Arriving Thursday afternoon to check in

How are you getting to the con?
TTC; I still live here

Who will you be with?
Anyone, probably

Will you be fursuiting?
Of course!

Will you be cosplaying/dressing up?
Probably not.

What is your gender?

How old are you?

Can I talk to you?
Of course

Can I touch you?
If you ask first, and I accept.

Can I hug you?
Ask first; I'll probably say yes. No lifting, please

poses! (Only in suit, please)

How can I find you?
Look for a toony yellow dog! Or a stinky hyooman with a camera and neck bandanna.

Where can I find you?
I'll be mostly wandering around the space, but when I'm not, check the main event space!

What panels/events do you plan to attend?
The fursuit games (as a participant), the opening & closing ceremonies, evening concerts and masquerade (as a spectator), improv (as both), supersponsor luncheon, and probably a few others.
I'm also hosting the Tour De Fur] fursuit walk; details are at the top of this post!

Which suit(s) will you be bringing?

Are you taken? Are you looking for a mate?
Single, not looking.

Can I visit your room?
I don't expect to head there too often, so probably not

Can I hug or snuggle with you?
Ask first :P

Can I take you for walkies?
Join me on my walk on Saturday! *shameless plug*

Do you do suit swapping/loaning?
I'm open to trying, but we'd have to know each other pretty well. Also, we're still in a pandemic so it might still be a bad idea.

Can I buy you food/drinks/Take you for dinner?
Well, I don't need any charity (so you don't have to pay for me), but if I'm hungry, I'm open to joining up.

Are you a good boy?

How long are you going?
I'll be heading back Monday morning!

If I see you, how should I get your attention?
Come up and say hi. In front of me if I'm in suit so I can see you.

What’s your goal for the con this year?
Overall, just have fun.

Can I steal this meme from you?
Go right ahead.

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C$ 10.00
Large shaped conbadges
C$ 15.00
C$ 10.00
add  a Back Side
C$ 5.00

Digital Drawings

C$ 8.00
Desktop background
C$ 25.00
Inked only
C$ 15.00
Single character, abstract background
C$ 20.00
add  Additional characters
C$ 5.00
add  Avatar add-on
$ 2.00
add  Desktop background add-on
C$ 6.00

Mature / Adult

add  Adult nudity / intercourse (per character)
C$ 3.00
add  Mature nudity (per character)
C$ 2.00

Reference sheets

3 poses
C$ 30.00
add  Additional full-body pose
C$ 7.00
add  Close-up / Detail
C$ 4.00

For full terms, please visit My commissions page.



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