Opening for Colored Sketch Commissions by Shiko-Yote

Herro Fluff-Bums~

I am a bit in a need of money to pay bills and that stuff, so this is totally a premiere!

I am going to open up Colored Sketch Commissions for 15 USD.
It will be:

  • single character
  • full body
  • colored Sketch

And here is an EXAMPLE
Payment would be through paypal only~

P.S.: slots are currently unlimited.

More Examples:

Opening for Colored Sketch Commissions


16 November 2014 at 03:44:56 MST

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    Found you via Vera. So if I wanted to get a sketch commission or two, would you prefer details sent via email, note, etc?

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      via pm would be nice :>

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    oh man i'm lucky! if these are still open i'd love to snag a couple if that's alright? i can note you the details of course!

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      sure thing! however cause of timedifference I will continue working on them tommorrow (its 6 pm and I have a son too :>) but you can send all the infos anyways :D <3

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        oh that's absolutely ok! no worries <3 i will send you a note!

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    Oh cool! I will consider this. :)

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    Like to pick up a few commissions from you again as well Shiko, will need to waves money at ya after work, any limit to the single char pieces?