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=I am not an artist=

I just need to be clear on that. Any artworks appearing in my gallery are commissions, and in each of them I mention who did the work. I'm a writer, professionally so, but I can't draw to save my life. I typically compose accompanying fiction for artwork commissions, and if you happen to read those stories and like them, please let know. I'm flattered and honored by any comments on my work, and if you have any critique, I'll take that as well. The writing that I do here however is all first pass material, with no revision or editing. I don't get paid for this, so it's all just spun out there for the hell of it for fun.

Most of my commissions so far and most of them in the future will revolve around my personal character Amber, a cross-phase vixen and obligate submissive, which more or less describes me as well. I don't really do RP online, and much at all unless I know you in real life and have permission from my owner.

Also, latex is awesome. Latex is very awesome.



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    Wow I love your taste in art! Its everything I could ever dream of! Lol

    Definite gonna Watch!

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    Thanks for following!

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    Thanks Amber for following me <3

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    Ms. Ambar! When is Ms. Mili gonna Rousey your pretty li'l self? XD

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    Thank you for being one of so few people posting this kind of work! It's really rare that read/see erotic work that portrays the kind of dynamics (in terms of gender, sexuality, and kink) that I want for myself, in a way that makes me actually feel 100% happy about what I'm seeing. I love that your characters have so much love between them, too. Really, thank you for sharing your writing. :3

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      Aww, you're so sweet! blush

      There isn't much femdom, and not nearly enough lezdom by comparison to most anything else here or over on FA, etc. I try to blend stuff I've done with the idealized situations of fantasy. Hopefully it works :)

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    My pleasure. You have a gorgeous character, and you've got some really fantastic commissions in your collection from some really wonderful artists! Plus I have to admit I love the overall theme of your gallery. Lesbian couples and dominant females are two of my biggest weaknesses.

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      I'm happy that you enjoy the artwork and the overall theme. There really isn't enough femdom artwork nor lesbian content, both of which are clearly my thing to the exclusion of much anything else. :)