Looking to find a new laptop for graphic design stuff by Kompy

So dear ol' Raphael, aka the laptop I use for my art and everyday stuff, has been starting to show his age as of late. He's a bit on the slow side, has trouble remembering my drawing tablet's driver settings, ain't as meaty in the graphics card department as he used to be and oh yeah, there are these annoying pink and blue lines that are crossed over part of my screen, effectively making it harder to make out some images when I am working or doing pretty much anything on the computer.

So needless to say, I might need a new one. But the thing is, I don't know where to look! Try as I might, I get very mixed or confusing results.

So anyway, this is what I am looking for:

  • A 2 in 1 laptop/tablet (assuming such a beast is even capable as a drawing tablet, natch)
  • IDEALLY Win 7, though if I must use Win 8, it better at least have touch capabilities to make it worth using that piece of you-know-what.
  • A decent graphic card. The reasons should be obvious if I want to do graphic design work, but bonus if it's strong enough to be able to play certain Steam games (or even WoW or Second Life, but man that's really pushing it). If not, might have to consider getting two laptops, one for drawing and one for gaming and socializing online.
  • Capable of handling Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign/Dreamweaver, as well as Paint Tool Sai (bonus if it can handle Manga Studio Debut)
  • USB PORTS A MUST (this may be a dumb thing to ask, but yanno)
  • Decent monitor size would be nice. Mine is I think 15 inches? It is a good size for me.
  • Really, I'd be happy with "my laptop + beefier graphics card AND A NON-BROKEN MONITOR" if it came to that. Raphael served me well. He makes me happy.

And you know, without a laptop soon I can't do any more art or streams or chat or anything, so...you know, help a gal out?

Looking to find a new laptop for graphic design stuff


5 July 2014 at 02:00:05 MDT

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    I'd look into Asus laptops though you'd still need a separate tablet. Win 7 is getting harder to get, though Win 8.1 Pro works well with touch. A lot of the 17" laptops do have dedicated graphics in the 1-2GB range. Sony is also another good pick for that. I have a Sony 16.3" and it'll run just about anything my desktop will.