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*catches everyone watching him in the shower, yanking the towel up to cover himself and screaming like a girl* 'AAAAH! You pervs! Peeking in on me like that!'

Heh, so you wanna know about me so where to start.

Well, I'm more of a writer and musician than an artist. I draw like I sing, in a key nobody knows. I might post one of my own scribbles now and then but that's usually gonna be few and far between.

Most of the artwork I'm posting here I've commissioned at one time or another, usually at cons.

I can usually be found on the various mucks and IMs. Best to drop me a note here first if you want IM contact since I'm a little picky on those so I don't get swamped.

<I am NOT on Facebook, Google+ or Myspace. Facebook and Google+ I will never be on until they stop requiring RL name and info to be used openly.>

I do have IMs, but only those I know get to be on my list.

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Zootopia Land!

Unfortunately it's only going to be at Shanghai Disney for now, but with luck it will come to Disneyworld or Disneyland hopefully sooner than later. But yes at Shanghai Disney, Zootopia is becoming their 8th themed land of the park. I do hope to see at least walkthrough videos and tons of pictures of this when it's complete.

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