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Angry alert by Percempai

Can we all agree that just because someone might be less of an artist than you doesn't mean you're not allowed to feel down or bad about your art. There will always be someone better or worse than you and just because that is so does not strip you of your right to whine or feel bad about your art. We all go through days where we just kind of feel shitty about our stuff and that's normal and alright and it's allowed to happen, because then it gives us a reason to improve ourselves and get better. It's a natural process of one's conquest to expand.

And I know right now, out there an artist who isn't as good as someone which is complaining is like WELL UR BETTER THAN ME SO SHUT UP basically, well guess what? There's someone not as good as you as well, and here you are complaining. No matter your level of art there will always be someone better or worse than you, and that doesn't mean you can't whine about your own art from time to time if you're really feeling bad. It gives you the will to improve.

Improve at your own pace, talk really proudly of your art and find someone who is willing to listen if you do happen to have a moment where you're feeling down, someone who will urge you on to get better instead of tell you 'pipe down', because that's not how you help your friends hone their skills, that's how you make them feel like shit and possibly heck up their muse to draw.


Angry alert


19 June 2014 at 11:44:35 MDT

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    Not gonna lie, I've been feeling really low about my own artwork, but after reading this you kinda gave me that..weird lil 'umph' to keep going. Thanks ♥

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      It's completely okay for you to have those bad feelings, you can't help it. It's normal and natural, especially for an aspiring artist and that's alright for you to feel, and it's also good that your using this as a reason to keep going and improve. Gotta prove yourself wrong and get up the strength to just keep going, and if you ever do feel bad and get art blocked look at your old work and see how you've improved! And get excited because you're going to be even better in the future.

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    That's like saying you're not allowed to be happy because someone out there could be happier than you. °·°

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    Only reason I bad mouth my own work is A) I'm lazy and B) writing is a lost art among all the lovely people that draw

    So I shit talk cause I'm to lazy to complete something and shit talk my work cause if it was good enough I'd have people asking me to write stuff

    But overall I wouldn't trade my writing skills for drawing skills.. I do think that some days, but I like who I am cause of my ability to write