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Grim / Male / nth level of hell

Damn boy, you must be the sun, because you need to stay 92,960,000 miles away from me.
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Damn boy, you must be the sun, because you need to stay 92,960,000 miles away from me.

nth Level of hell
Zero tolerance for disrespect



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Angry alert

Can we all agree that just because someone might be less of an artist than you doesn't mean you're not allowed to feel down or bad about your art. There will always be someone better or worse than you and just because that is so does not strip you of your right to whine or feel bad about your art. We all go through days where we just kind of feel shitty about our stuff and that's normal and alright and it's allowed to happen, because then it gives us a reason to improve ourselves and get better. It's a natural process of one's conquest to expand.

And I know right now, out there an artist who isn't as good as someone which is complaining is like WELL UR BETTER THAN ME SO SHUT UP basically, well guess what? There's someone not as good as you as well, and here you are complaining. No matter your level of art there will always be someone better or worse than you, and that doesn't mean you can't whine about your own art from time to time if you're really feeling bad. It gives you the will to improve.

Improve at your own pace, talk really proudly of your art and find someone who is willing to listen if you do happen to have a moment where you're feeling down, someone who will urge you on to get better instead of tell you 'pipe down', because that's not how you help your friends hone their skills, that's how you make them feel like shit and possibly heck up their muse to draw.


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    your color use cheerfully reminiscences of a piece of landscape artwork found at olive garden dipped in blood. A plus

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      thank you I think???? <:3c

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    ahh i love your art! i've seen it around on tumblr and its just the cutest!

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      Omg thank you /w\ I'm glad to have people be able to recognize my art!

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    Ahhh cute boys everywhere

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      Getting cute boyfriends those cute boys are, doing cute things together holding hands big greaser boyfriend and cute poodle skirt boyfriend

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        size difference is everyone's universal weakness