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WOODBURNING commissions -- $30 (CLOSED for now) by Cisqur

like these:

these are collaborations between studysaysno and I. just send either of us a note with what you want to be drawn specifically, and who you want to draw what, if you have a preference. we'll get to work as soon as payment is received, my paypal is [my username] but I also accept squarecash and stuff.

-1. lawyerdog
-2. h-dub
-3. crackers
-4. dexter rabbit
-5. riley coyote
-6. redapeguy
-7. aerisyka
-8. chotpot
-9&10. jake x2

WOODBURNING commissions -- $30 (CLOSED for now)


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    Hella neato, I would be up for a Frillsby one.

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      fuck yes I'm excited to draw frillsby again, send me a note or an email with all the details and we'll get on it as soon as payment is received. same email as last time.

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    I am very much game for one of these from two cool peeps.

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      hell yeaaa we got you booked!

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        I will send you a note with the deets later tonight! Still making my mind up on what I specifically want.

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    gross who would want that we are the worst

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      trash peddling at its finest

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    I would like one!

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      sweet!! send the ref and all relevant details to [my username] , my paypal is the same!