Just a quick update I guess? by Reisfuchs

Hey guys!

i know, I am very silent usually... just wanted to get some things out.

I updated my prices here. Used the sprice guide thing. Such a neat tool! You can tell me what you think if you want! I guess I will need to add more info though? Is there anything you would want to know?

Also, I must say I feel very comfortable and very at home on this site. FurAffinity might be more active, but it's not nearly as functional and the community not nearly as nice. The drama about zaush brought me here and I regret not having made this decision before. I also met a lot of awesome people through this whole ordeal and I am very very glad about it!

Fortunately I do not depend on the income through art. I like doing commissions, I hope there will be more interest in the future, but I am happy as everything is right now just as well. If you are interested, always feel free to nudge me though!

So, yeah... if you have any questions, about me, about my art, feel free to ask <3 I am a very open person, I like meeting new people here <3 Thanks to everybody who is following me so far! It means much mor to me than you might know!!!


Just a quick update I guess?


12 March 2014 at 05:55:54 MDT

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    Awesome to have you here Miss <3

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      Aww, thank you <3 You are a darling!

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        hehe <3

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    Flauschfell! anklett ;)

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      Heyyyy <3 Du auch hier!? ;D

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        jaaaaa :D falls FA doch irgendwann den Geist aufgibt ^^