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I'm so pissed off by this right now.

So, I go in to the wally world (cheapest place to get my prescriptions since I don't have insurance). I have a prescription for an antidepressant that I was running down to 2 pills left. They say, "Oh, well, we're out and they're on back order. We should be getting an order from a different company tomorrow depending on the weather. We have two pills here, if you need those, come in tomorrow and we'll get you that much." Okay, awesome.

I go in after I'm done with my two pills and see what's goin' on.

"No, we don't even have anything in the system for you." "We still have those two pills, but I'll make sure we order more since the others are on backorder."

Um... but... I asked that to happen two days ago? Ok...

Three days later (today) go in...

"We don't have anything in the system for you, sorry. Come over to our drop off section and we'll see what we can do." Uhhhhhh ok... "We're out of that medication. Seems that this is all we have left. (15 pills) We can fill a half prescription with these fifteen, or we can do an emergency fill and give you these three. It seems that we're supposed to get in a few bottles tomorrow."

So I had them fill in the emergency fill and I'll be going back tomorrow. Expecting that they will not have put it in the system that I need ed a refill. I'm pissed about this... like... really really upset by it.

Wouldn't you think that you should put in the computer system "needs refill" so that when you get in an order you'd fill the prescription.


I had to vent... sorry.... this shouldn't be how their system is working, should it?

I'm done pissin' and moaning.



10 February 2014 at 18:05:33 MST

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    the joys of prescription medication

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      Yep yep

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    I would have thrown a fit. That Walmart is beyond incompetent. I'd seriously call corporate about them. I hope you get all this sorted!

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    That's Walmart for you. Every Walmart I've been to is like that. I don't trust them for important stuff like that. I've always had great seice at Walgreens.

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    I'd go up the chain of command and complain. Not only is that terrible customer service, but it also shows a lack of competence on the part of the pharmacy employees to keep in stock common medication, and ultimately puts the customer at risk of harm, depending on the drug needed of course. Still, talk to the pharmacy manager. If nothing happens, go to the store manager, then the district, and so on and so forth. Let it be known how "great" the service that their store provides.

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    uhhhh wtf?

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    That is some mondo incompetence and you should absolutely have a chat with the store manager about it.

    Fuckups in the pharmacy could kill literally kill someone.

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    typical wal-mart mentality. those people that work there dont give two shits about anyone else.... such selfishness.

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    .< Idiots 'hugs'

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    They really need to learn from Belgium. When I go to the pharmacy in the morning, the meds I needed were not in stock either, they order it instantly, by noon they were excpress-delivered.
    Always goes like that here :)