Moreeee artists you might like + Project Community then I ramble for a little bit oops by noiserut

::Some more peoples to follow::


You can find prev lists here and weasyl tips~gotta watch em all~

Project community

ALSO Jotaku has been making a bunch more wonderful posts on helping the activity and building the community

Check out the thread here!!!

You know weasyl fantasia would be amazing *
:・゚✧ ✧・゚: ✧・゚: @ω@ :・゚✧:・゚✧ ✧・゚: ✧・゚:

::Other junk::

Currently working on a commission then will finish last of the trades, then another commission then the requests *u* I got like....super busy all of a sudden and spent a lot of time....organising my time *n*;

I don't work on a day to day/week/month planned basis. I work in hours. My phone has set alarms that tell me to wake up, work, have a break, work, have a break, work then sleep. I can't work to written/time table planners so alarm system really helps [though I tend to ignore my break hours and work through them oops].

Can't remember the last time I took a 'break' day or did anything other than draw. I miss playing video games and just have an ever growing pile of things I dare not start TuT weep

Will be interesting to work to this planner though. It's set to start in March but technically that means I need to pre-sketch all the things that'll need finishing to work in the pattern. 3 Days max is my usual out put with sketching for a full colour 2 fully body chars 4500px beast of a picture. Hoping with sketches done I can take it down to 2 or even 1 day.


Moreeee artists you might like + Project Community then I ramble for a little bit oops


4 February 2014 at 00:52:02 MST

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    <3 ;w;

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    Taking a day off every now and again really helps to recharge my drawing mojo ;v; Since I usually schedule my comms/art by finishing one piece per day and than if I can get the sketch for the next done as well that day, I take the day after off. That only happens like twice a week or so tho =v= but little breaks are good for keeping your mojo up and stress down ;v; ahhhh youve my well wishes on all your stuff babs!

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      TuT!!! Thank you~ I can't help but work all the time though it's not as though I don't enjoy it *u* Just wish I could enjoy other things without feeling like I' wasting time I could spend on improving/making arts weeeeh~ *laysdown* <3 I'll try though~

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    ;u; thank u

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    Thank you for the feature!

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    I think I just followed everyone on that list and left them a comment! Project Community is a GREAT concept and I hope to help out somehow as much as possible! I want Weasyl to be THE Art Website :D

    And definitely find a day where you can relax without worry sometime!!! Your work is important but so is yourself! :( Stay healthy!

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      TuT I must make it sound like work is a chore but the thing is I love working, so much I can't enjoy the other things I love, because I could be using that time working! ~6u9~ hahaa I'm gonna try and find the time for other things though yay TuTb <3

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        You can like what you do, but don't overwork yourself! A But at least you enjoy it :D Good luck!!!

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    QAQ <333

    I should do one of these posts sometime... Just put my entire watchlist in haha! You folks are all amazing.