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"From the Alley to the Big City" on Weasyl! by pac

for those who have followed shane and me on FA are probably familiar with our ongoing creative collaboration "from the alley to the big city": a multimedia story project grown from the FBA canon. we've uploaded our various stories and artworks to FA as well as collected them on our official FAtBC website

well, now it's coming to weasyl! shane will be uploading stories and materials day by day, so be sure to check out his page! i will also eventually be migrating a few FAtBC artworks to weasyl in time.

and while you're at it, check out the alley's ask tumblr at

"From the Alley to the Big City" on Weasyl!


30 January 2014 at 13:56:14 MST

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    Erk, only passingly familiar with the creative collab bit, I've been wondering where it's been hosted (Noticed the site) and where I really should start reading/looking at as I didn't want to get much spoilers as I only see bits and pieces without much context from the art, but I'm familiar with a number of characters (given the distinctive visual appeal everyone has in their own right.)

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    OH soo coool!!! thanks for sharing! I didn't know this exsisted!