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I originally had intended to make this part of my last post about initial thoughts on Weasyl, But it's a big enough topic to warrant it's own blog post. That topic is regarding discovering new artwork that you may enjoy

It's a topic that the purpose of my side project, currently codenamed "StickyPaws", intends to address from many different angles for users. I was hoping that Weasyl may have also put some consideration into the topic as well, and implemented some interesting new ways for people to find art or artists that they may like. Thus far, though, all I've seen are the usual methods: Tag Searching and Generic Gallery Browsing. If you have tons of time and want to put it into poring over every upload in the generic gallery for the site, then you probably already have 2,000+ artists in your watchlist or will soon. Tags can help a bit, but that assumes that every submission is properly or adequately (or at all) tagged. Tagging is also a huge human resources nightmare that relies on a few dozen hopeless community members who live in their mother's basements with nothing better to do all day than tag every single submission on E621. How do you 'train' thousands of artists "How to Tag things Correctly"?

One area that even StickyPaws doesn't venture into is actual visiography of submissions - that is, breaking down the actual techniques and styles and media used to make a piece. Think of how Pandora breaks down music using highly technical industry terms and knowledge about tempo, beat pattern, mood, theme, style and even individual instrumentation techniques. It would take a monumental effort to try to break down the 3 million plus pieces of furry art out there in such a way - and in the end would it even be worthwhile? Do furry fans want to look-up other artists who use watercolor and gaouche on vellum who make frequent use of Dahli-esque concepts in their pieces?

There are a lot of other methods of correlation available for discovery of new art, and I'm curious what some other people's thoughts are about how they would like to find new art.

Art Discovery


27 October 2012 at 21:27:43 MDT

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    : ) If you want weasyl to incorporate something like that (perhaps even to work alongside your "stickypaws") you should totaly hit up the forums and start a thread of if you want to keep it more private, note Ben (head guy here) and see if he'd be interested ^^

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      Well, StickyPaws already works with FA, VCL, IB and SoFurry. I've already started the API that will also interface Weasyl. I've done some precursory research into how to make that happen, and the site here is nice and clean so it'll be cake. =)

      Anyway, I'm more fishing for other people's thoughts than trying to purvey my own here. I have many other thoughts on this topic that I'm already keeping to myself. ;)

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    :P Well alrighty