Some useful links for Weasyl users and FA exodus by Farouche

Chrome users can try this extension to crosspost their art to Weasyl:

Dogteeth has made a Feature Cheat Sheet for Weasyl Newbies:

FancyOwls has written about How to make weasyl your main gallery and encourage others to follow:

Remnants would us to consider sporting an icon like this on FA to protest against the way administration is handled on the site:

Arphalia explains how to set up your Featured image and folders on your profile:

Feel free to suggest other useful links!

Some useful links for Weasyl users and FA exodus


20 January 2014 at 06:22:38 MST

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    This link: contains, besides the waxpost extension, the tool to compare your watchlist here and on fa, and the offline art gallery manager to batch upload to several sites.

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      Thank you very much indeed. Do you think I should edit my journal, or just let users read your comment?

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        Non pas besoin, les gens liront bien le premier com je pense ^^

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    A helpulf compendium of links. I'll try to spread it around!