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Hazey's rules and rights for her art by Hazel3

Hazey's rules and rights for art
Some things you gotta know when you receive art from me

1. You can use it everywhere and anywhere! As long as you credit and aren't making any money out of it. Please know I always work really hard on my art so always remember these things. Properly credit and if possible, link back to my profile!
2. Please do not edit my artwork no matter how nice you think it looks. Do NOT remove my watermark, that's to protect it from thieves. Cropping the art is fine, such as uses for profile pics and banners
3. I have the right to reuse the lineart. I mainly reuse the art with my own oc if I regret giving art to someone I now dislike, or if I just really like the lines. Reusing art is a bit like turning some lines into a base/ych that's only for me to use. It is not stealing if it's my own art!
4. Please do NOT criticise my art! This goes for ANY of my artwork. Criticism is strictly forbidden when it comes to me. I do not like it at all. Criticism is hurtful, not helpful. Please respect my opinion and don't bother forcing me into it.
5. You own the character but I still own the art. Please do not claim my art as your's. You're fine to do that with your ocs ofcourse
6. I can share the art elsewhere and on other sites. The character is still your's, and I'll always credit and link back. But quite often I share all (or most) artwork I've made, even with my own characters. If you don't want me doing that, please ask me nice and politely to take it down. Don't be rude and harsh on me, I am very sensitive and easily hurt.. :<
7. Do not sell my art even if it's given to you! it's okay to have your own personal poster for your bedroom and stuff but don't ever use my art to make money out of it! This includes selling posters, t-shirts, and selling all sorts of merch. It may be your character in the pic but the art is still mine and I'd like it if you didn't sell it for anything.
8. If you're unsure about something, feel free to ask! Ask away if there's something you're not sure about. I don't mind questions, as long as they aren't rude :3

More stuff may be added, thanks for taking your time to read this ^-^

No hate comments, please be nice! If you're gonna be mean, don't say anything at all.
Thanks for reading! ^w^

Hazey's rules and rights for her art



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    hey uhm.. O.o hazel... O.o do you.. do requests or no??

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      I use to! but i don't anymore as i've improved a ton on my art over the years, i had them open years ago but nobody requested me anyway so I closed em.. sorry! ;w;
      but I do sometimes take art trades! though it depends if i'm on artblock, or if i'm interested in the artstyle or character i'm drawing :3
      another reason why i also don't take requests anymore is cos i always work really hard on my art, and i feel i'd like to be rewarded for it ^w^;
      sorry if i came out rude in any sorta way, i hope i didn't sound rude or anything sorry!

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        X3 awww it's ok I was just curious

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          that's okay! follow your curiosity, and don't believe in "curiosity kills the cat", i get curious too! ^w^
          they may say it kills the cat, but they never said it kills the fox >:3