Opening Up Commissions by foxgamer01

Given what I said from the previous two journals, I believe that it’s time to open up story commissions again. While I wanted to wait until I completed my The Pokémon Prometheus 2 story, it’ll most likely be a couple of months at least until it’s done and a month to type it into a computer and polish it out. I cannot afford to work on one personal story when I needed the money sooner rather than later.

Don’t worry. The Pokémon Prometheus 2 WILL be posted. It’ll just take a lot longer than I expected with me writing it during my between commission times.

In any case, I’ll open up three slots for a story commission. The rate will be $10 per 1000 words until it passes 5000 words, where it’ll instead be $5 per 1000. My specialty will be transformation, but macro and perhaps some other themes will be accepted. I’m also not an erotic writer, so don’t expect me to write porn or anything with overtly sexual issues. At most, expect a PG-13 action movie type (like the MCU) from me.

  1. Aleph

  2. Tails230


To anyone who’ll buy a story from me, I thank you.

Opening Up Commissions


24 March 2020 at 10:51:36 MDT

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