A Big Braixen Problem by foxgamer01 (critique requested)

June the Braixen sat down on a bed with a replaceable paper covering as she breathed in and out, her breathing much more comfortable than the previous week. Her white hand-paws rubbed against her white chest, extra fluffy with a mane, while her black legs wiggled from side to side, not touching the floor. Her right arm then moved down to her vast yellow fur down the waist, almost like a skirt, while her yellow ears twitched, and the thick, dark orange turf of fur extending from within wiggled with the ear.

The Braixen gave out a soft sigh to no one within this sterile room, and she flinched, recalling how painful her past week was during her stay within the Kleptifux General Hospital. Of course, the pain only began the morning before her visit when she woke up with a fever. Despite also having pain within her chest’s right side, within the ribcage, she didn’t think it was much more severe than the flu. But the pain increased in intensity, making it harder for her to breathe. But much more troubling to her was how her strength declined as the day continued onward. Although the flu would make her more tired, this sickness was strong enough that she couldn’t walk farther than a few steps when even the flu wouldn’t drain her that bad.

She at least had the sense to realize that whatever she got, it was much more severe, and she contacted her town’s hospital through the new electronic phone system and asked to be taken there. Within half an hour after she made that call, she was surrounded by Chansey and Audino at the medical center while on a wheelchair and bed, carrying her and doing various tests with tech created by the Pokémon of Kucheat town. Another hour passed and, after all the tests (including a fever check and x-ray), she was diagnosed with pneumonia. Upon this discovery, she immediately got various tubes attached to her body, pumping her with antiviral, pain killers, and energy boosters, with orders that she must stay here for a few days or so.

She couldn’t remember much about her stay within this hospital other than the pain she endured, despite the pain killers injected into her body. Even sleeping felt like having a rock weighting down her lungs, making it almost impossible to sleep no matter how much she wants to. Still, since yesterday her breathing became far more relaxed, and her energy became overflowing rather than draining thanks to the energy boosters. And this morning, her breath turned back to normal without all of the pain within her lung.

And yet, she couldn’t help but winced whenever she thought about the Poké she needed to pay to the hospital. The tech brought from Kucheat town was expensive at outrageous prices and they needed a way to pay for it all.

The door then swung opened and a Pokémon stepped in, only a few inches taller than the Braixen herself. This pink and cream Pokémon (though the pink was washed out due to his age), with the pink reminding June of a lab coat, gave out a kind smile as he rubbed his ear extension with his right paw-hand and leaned against his walking stick with his left. The elderly Pokémon approached the yellow, white, and black Pokémon patted her leg before walking to the dark chair. He pressed a button on it, which lowered, and he sat on it with it extending upwards again until his head was leveled with June.

“How are you feeling, June?” the Audino asked, taking hold of her arm and pressing his ear extension below the back of her hand-paw.

“Never better, Dr. Swift,” June answered as she tilted her head. “Though I think you’re checking the wrong side of my arm, sir.”

“Hmm?” Dr. Swift said, and he looked at her hand-paw. “So, I was.” He then turned his arm over and pressed his ear extension against the other side of her arm. “Now, I can hear your heart better. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” June said as she twitched one of her foot-paws. Though she doesn’t dislike her doctor, with him taking care of her since she was a Fennekin, the Braixen was surprised since she got in how bad his vision got since last time she met him. From his comments, he was at least color blind and he had a hard time seeing past his nose. Part of her wished that he would take the hint his body is telling him that he should retire while the other part felt pity for him.

“I sensed that your chest has returned mostly to normal,” Dr. Swift said, moving his ear extension up and down her arm. “Much of the fluids within your lung is gone. Your heartbeats have returned to its normal state. And your emotional state shows a healthier feel. Though I suggest that you stop feeling sorry for me. I’m not done with this job just yet.”

“Um, OK,” June said. Although Dr. Swift may not be able to see as clearly as he did years ago, his ‘stethoscopes’ was accurate as ever. “Will I be able to head home now?”

“I believe you can head home today,” the Audino said with a smile. “But, just in case, we’ll inject you with one last energy booster and we’ll let you go.” Dr. Swift pressed the button and the chair lowered itself before he hopped off. He then half-limped towards the door, only looking back once. “Don’t go anywhere, June.”

“I won’t,” June said and watched as Dr. Swift walked through the door frame and the door closed right behind him. She then emitted a sigh before she looked to her right. There, right on top of a black desk, was an envelope with her name attached to it. Though she hadn’t opened it, she guessed that it was the bill for her stay here and with a high chance of being up to 70,000 Poké. Her green eyes then looked up, wondering how she would be able to pay for such a bill without being in debt by the end of the decade, and sighed again. “Such rotten luck.”

The door opened in front of her again and she looked back, seeing the Audino walking in and carrying a syringe. She gave off a soft smile before she tilted her head, her green eyes looking at the contents of the needle. Of course, being injected with energy boosters for the past week made her believe that she knew what they looked like, with it being transparent with a slight whiteish color. And yet, this energy booster has a crimson color with a slight purple glow.

“Um, Doctor?” June said as Dr. Swift hopped back onto the chair and it raised up to her. “Did this hospital just created a new kind of energy booster, or did you get the wrong one?”

“Huh? It still looks like an energy booster to me,” Dr. Swift said as he swiveled the chair to a small extended table and picked up a swab. He dipped it in a liquid before turning towards June. “Your arm, please.”

June looked at the syringe some more as she emitted a blush and her heartbeats quickened to the point of feeling some pain there. Almost on instinct, she moved one of her arms to her tailed and grabbed her ‘wand.’ The Braixen then opened her jaw and closed it on the stick, trying to calm her nerves.

“I know that you don’t like needles, but it’ll be the last time until your next stay, which I hope will be a long time,” Dr. Swift said with a shrug. “We do feel that you’ll need this energy booster before you can leave. So, please make it easier for all of us.”

June nodded and, against all of her instincts and fear, she extended her left arm to Dr. Swift.

Dr. Swift smiled before rubbing the swab against a bit of June’s arm, with it feeling calm and yet burning to the Braixen. The doctor then pierced the needle into her arm as the Braixen winced, biting tight onto her stick, and the contents were injected. The yellow, white, and black Pokémon shivered, sensing the materials flowing through her veins and into her heart and yet not being that much different than the standard energy booster. However, for some reason that she couldn’t explain, there was something intense about that injection.

“That wasn’t so hard, was it?” the Audino said before spinning the chair around until his eyes saw a bandage box. The pale pink and white Pokémon then pulled out a bandage and applied it onto her arm with a kind smile. “OK. I’ll notify the front desk that you’re clear to go.”

The BRaixen nodded and, as she placed her stick back on her tail, watched as the Audino lowered the chair and hopped off of it before walking towards a blocky phone attached to the wall. The doctor then pulled it from the wall and, after pressing some buttons, he applied it against his ear. He spoke some words to the other side, but June wasn’t paying attention; her focus shifted to her fur sticking up as she felt something cold flowing through her body. What was it that her almost blind doctor injected into her?

“OK,” Dr. Swift said as he hung up the phone and turned back towards June. “The front desk is now aware that you’re leaving. I’ll take you there and-” The Audino paused, tilting his head at the yellow, white, and black Pokémon. “Have you just evolved? You looked bigger than normal.”

June blinked as she looked down at the floor, now seeing her feet-paws much closer to the floor than a minute ago. She then turned up at the ceiling and her eyes widened, with it also much closer to her head. Her jaw dropped, stunned that she was much bigger just as her doctor said, but she hasn’t evolved. What was going on?

“Dr. Swift?” a female voice said from outside the door as both Braixen and Audino looked at it. “What did you do with that syringe? You KNOW that we aren’t supposed to use it until we can verify what that Ninetales said about it is true! We can’t just lose something as experimental as-”

The door swung open and a green and white Pokémon stepped in before freezing at the sight of June. Although she was a tall Pokémon at 5’3” in comparison to a Braixen’s 3’3”, June had doubled in size by that point. The newcomer’s blue eye, one always covered by her green bang, then looked back and forth between June and Dr. Swift as she rubbed her front red fin-like horn with one of her hands.

“Oh, so it wasn’t just a dream I had. Just as I feared,” the Gardevoir said in a calm voice before glaring at the Audino. “You idiot! Do you realize what you just did?!”

“Um, I thought I had unintentionally evolved my patient with an energy booster,” he said before he squinted his eyes at the ten feet tall blushing June. “Although, I didn’t think a Delphox could get that big and I thought there was a darker color of gray down the waist instead of black.”

“Doctor, you just injected her with the full contents of that Dynamax Serum that Ninetales gave us!” the Gardevoir said in a loud and angry voice.

Dr. Swift blinked at the words as June winced, feeling her ear turf of dark orange fur brushing against the ceiling and the bed she sat on cracking under the weight. The bed then broke in half with her sliding off, the landing giving the room a slight shook, as the twelve feet Braixen blushed red on the cheeks.

“Oh,” Dr. Swift said with a quiet voice.

“We need to get her out of here now!” the Gardevoir said as she grabbed one of the Braixen’s hand-paw. “Can you move?”

June nodded as she got down to her knees and the floor cracking underneath the growing fire-type. Her hand felt a tug from the Gardevoir as she followed the green and white Pokémon on her knees, her cheeks blushing brighter than before. Her arm and head squeezed through the doorframe, despite her dark orange ear turfs felt tight when going through before her hips got stuck at the frame. While contrary to what some Pokémon expected in how Braixen’s hips looked, they were smaller than what their fur suggested, and yet she grew just enough for it to get stuck.

“Don’t worry about not damaging the door!” the Gardevoir said as she pulled June’s arm harder. “You’ll do far greater damage if you stay and that can harm the other patients here. Just force your way out!”

June nodded, bright red on the face, and pushed her legs from within, snapping the doorframe off with her. The frame remaining on her waists creaked as she continued to grow, going up to fifteen feet tall and the ground making snapping sounds below her knees. Some Pokémon stepped out of various rooms with their ears twitching and, seeing a growing Braixen before them, either screamed, ran out as fast as possible, or both. June winced as her ears wiggled, lowering herself, so she was on all four when even on her knees, her head brushed against the ceiling. The ground shook, with the entire center wiggling, as the Braixen gritted her teeth and followed the green and white Pokémon. The seconds passed, and her green eyes soon saw a glass door before as the Gardevoir grinned, with the doorframe on June’s waist giving up and snapping off.

“Looks like we can get you out in time after all,” the Gardevoir said as she turned back at the twenty-five feet tall Braixen and stepped aside. “Get out before you get too large.”

June nodded and crawled towards the glass doors before stopping, with even her back pressing up against the ceiling. Her face became dark blue before she lay down and, with sweat forming on her head, her green eyes half squinting, and her teeth shut tight, swung her arm ahead and dug deep into the floor. The Braixen then pulled herself forward and, with another arm swing, slammed through the floor and pulled closer to the doors. Her heartbeats banged against her chest, and yet she saw just how close she was at getting out. Just one last-

The entire entrance room rumbled.

The yellow, white, and black Pokémon blinked as she felt her head and back wedged between the ceiling and floor, leaving her stuck. Her face flushed of all colors as her eyes widened, noticing how much faster she was growing at this rate since she just passed by the forty feet mark and the realization struck her. There’s no chance of getting out of here without doing some severe damage to the entire room and everything around it. Her eyes looked ahead at the glass doors, only a mere ten feet away, while her ears and tail vibrated and sweat poured out from her head.

“Oh sweet Arceus,” she heard the Gardevoir said behind her. “Your ears and tail are growing!”

June blinked as she shifted her eyes at one of her ears and they widened. Though her Pokémon line was well known for having huge ears, her ears were expanding in size as well, separate from the rest of her body’s growth. And if her ears were growing, then perhaps her tail was also given what was said. Her jaw widened, which caused her head to pierced up through the ceiling.

“Don’t worry about how the entrance looks!” a loud voice from a lady said. “Pull yourself out before this entire center falls down on everyone!”

“O-Ok,” June said through gritted teeth and, smashing through various chairs and glass, her hand-paw broke through the double glass door entrance. Her hand-paw then clawed down at the hard ground and, with a massive pull and eyes closed, her head crushed through everything smaller than her. A second passed and her head exited the building.

She opened her eyes as she let out a massive gasp, the building behind her rumbling while her body surpassed the sixty feet mark. Then, with another lunged with her outside arm, her hand grabbed against the brick ground and pulled herself, getting her other arm, chest, and waist out from the medical center. Her arms then pushed herself upwards, moving her legs out from the building, and she blushed, her tail still stuck from within. She then grabbed her rear and gave a mighty pull, with it making the enlarged entranceway even more extensive, and she gasped at the sight of her tail.

“W-what is happening to me?!” June said, with her loud voice making the surrounding area vibrating. “What do my tail and ears grew far larger?!”

The Braixen blushed at her tail, with it already doubled in size before she shifted her eyes at her ears and rubbed them with her hand-paws. Her large ears had also grown at the same rate as her tail and she gasped, with her looking back at what remained of the hospital’s entranceway. Her eyes then looked at the four-story tall hospital and, despite some cracks on the walls, still stood, her face turned dark blue with shame.

“I got to get out of here!” June said and she spun around, her tail knocking down several trees below her like they were mere toys. Her legs then broke out into a run, with every step causing the ground to shake, as she continued to grow with her height passing by the eighty feet mark. Her ears bobbed up and down as they heard someone crying out behind her, but she ignored the voice, determined to get away from the town.

The town of Kleptifux was a peaceful place, with a rare bit of his behind it in comparison to most populated towns and cities in this world. While most areas populated by Pokémon were well known for either being based on or even build because of a giant Pokémon, Kleptifux doesn’t have one. The isolated location with a steep mountainside at many angles and a harsh sea at its remaining side made it difficult for even huge Pokémon to travel through and from. It wasn’t until this century that travel became possible and profitable thanks to plenty of Tyranitar opening the way over the centuries, even it was still rough. It was because of this isolated state that Kucheat town, from another continent, was willing to open trade with advanced anthro tech to them in comparison to all other places even within its own mainland. Even then, the prices from Kucheat were massive enough that few Pokémon bothered to buy from them.

However, for the first time in its history, a macro Pokémon walked within its grounds.

The ground rumbled as a giant Braixen walked the road, already at a hundred- and fifty-feet mark with houses smaller than her paws. Despite her size, she thought that getting out would be a breeze considering how few Pokémon travel in the middle of the day. And yet, her eyes widened at a mass of Pokémon lineup in the middle of the road, with them looking up at the massive Pokémon huger ears and tail. Her paws shifted as she went down to another path, only to find another group of Pokémon in her way. The yellow, white, and black Pokémon looked around, sometimes spinning and knocking down a couple of houses with her tail as her body grew more. She blushed as her tail’s destruction as she gave out a yelp before walking away again, only for her to emit a gasp when she saw far smaller Pokémon avoiding her massive paw.

“W-why are there so many Pokémon in my way?” June asked herself, with tears forming in her eyes. “I just want to get out of town!”

The ground shook and broke under June’s feet-paws, forming a pawprint, as she twisted them and looked down another street and walked there. Yet, another mass of Pokémon was there, all gasping up at the enormous fire-type Pokémon. She blushed loads more as she placed her hand-paw on her hips and walked away, leaving behind large prints. But there was another large group there at the other end, with the Pokémon becoming more like dots to the two hundred feet tall Braixen. Because of that, her feet-paws halfway lowered upon a pack of Poochyena before pausing and, realizing what they were, moved her foot-paw away and crushed a tree, her face paling.

“P-please, get away!” June said in a loud voice, rumbling the building around her. “I need to get out!”


The Braixen blinked before she looked to her left, her green eyes spotting a Dragonite with a large bag (a red plus sign painted onto it) flying towards her. She tilted her head before she saw a Gardevoir on the pear-shaped Pokémon and her mind flashed back to the hospital she left not too long afterward.

“It’s you,” June said.

“Follow me,” the Gardevoir said when the Dragonite hovered ten feet away from the Braixen’s nose.

“To where?” June asked, looking down at the ground and spotting the Pokémon dots below her. “There’s so many Pokémon in the way and I don’t wish to hurt anyone.”

“Trust me,” the Gardevoir replied, and she patted the Dragonite’s neck. The Dragonite nodded and flew away, with the green and white Pokémon still looking back at the two hundred- and thirty-feet tall Pokémon.

June’s face turned white as she shifted her sights between the two Pokémon in the air and the ground below her. She took a deep breath and stepped forward, stepping over the buildings with her tail raised up, with each pawprints becoming more substantial with every step. And yet, to her amazement, the path the other Pokémon gave her had far fewer Pokémon in the way. A minute of walking and an extra seventy feet passed before she managed to leave her town.

The mountains before the Braixen were huge, each one at around 25,000 feet tall with a massive amount of snow on top of them. She blushed at the sudden cold breeze brushing against her fur, with her rubbing her arms. She then sighed before she walked a few more steps and sat on a mountainside, with it cracking against her back.

“Whew,” June said as she rubbed her eyes and grabbed her stick, which grew with her. “I got out. And it seems like I stopped growing.” She then raised her head and her green eyes saw the Dragonite hovering above before lowering and landing on her yellow muzzle. “Thank you.”

The Gardevoir got off the Dragonite’s back and got down on her knees. “I’m deeply sorry for the mix-up. We knew Dr. Swift had been losing his vision, but his pride resisted all attempts at asking him to retire. As a result, we’ve been shifting him from area to area where his vison problems wouldn’t be an issue at that time. But his sight sharply declined as of late and, if I had realized far sooner, I would’ve forced him to retire.”

June gave out a slight nod as she rubbed her stick. “That I can tell. It’s been years since I last saw him and I realized just how bad it got when I began my stay at the hospital. He kept mixing up which side of my arm is the palm side. What will happen to him now?”

“Now?” the Gardevoir said as she got up and rubbed her chin. “He had been one of the best doctors of our hospital, but given on what he unintentionally causes, the best case for him is being fired while forced to pay for every damage caused by injecting you with Dynamax Serum.”

June’s face paled. “And will I-”

“I’ll make sure you don’t have to pay a single Poké,” the green and white Pokémon answered. “Heck, after all you went through, I’ll forgive even the medical bills in your account for your week-long trip.”

“You can do that?” the giant Braixen asked, her eyes widening.

“Yes. I am the chief physical of the Kleptifux General Hospital, after all,” the Gardevoir replied with a grin and a shrug. “My name is Dr. Bell.”

June blinked. “You’re THE Dr. Bell?! That famous physician who solved famous cases like that Drednaw by just looking at him? No one would want to go near them when they’re in an angry mood.”

“The one and only,” Dr. Bell answered with a bow. “I didn’t go near him either, but I didn’t need to since it was quite simple. Given how he limits his neck movements, it suggests to me that he sprained his neck. Of course, given how he was unsuited for the job he did, it was only a matter of time. I told him to change careers for his own health.”

“Yeah, I heard about it,” June said, recalling that the Drednaw, as reported, was working as a spotter for incoming Dragonite, which required him to stretch up his neck for hours at a time. “I guess he told you about his job.”

“Not directly,” Dr. Bell said with a wink. “It was his front legs that told me. They showed some signs of fatigue, like he has been forcing himself to look upwards.”

June stared at the Gardevoir for a few seconds in wonder before a question popped into her head. “In any case, how did you know where to direct me? There were crowds of Pokémon wherever I go and I was so afraid of just stomping through.”

“To be honest, I kind of expected that this might happened,” Dr. Bell answered with a red blush. “I had a dream last night where I was flying on our standby Dragonite for emergency transport,” she gestured to the pear-shaped dragon who grinned, “flying towards a giant Braixen with enormous ears and tail. When I woke up, I didn’t think much about it until I recall that we have that Dynamax Serum and a Braixen resting in the hospital. We Gardevoir can see into the future after all.

“When I realized the solid possibility that this might occur, I contacted the police chief and warned him that we might have a giant Braixen rampage. He initially laughed it off, even pointing out that we haven’t got the ability to Dynamax for over a thousand years when the anthros disappeared. It took me a while until he at least agreed to set up psychic barriers where Pokémon will be prevented from traveling through unless they were large enough. When I got back to the hospital after I observed the barriers set up and I saw the missing Dynamax Serum right next to an energy booster, I sensed that something has gone wrong. If I had got there quicker, maybe this could’ve been avoided.”

“Oh,” June said, slightly blush as she gnawed against her stick and rubbed her hand-paw against a tree, almost grass-like to her. Still, it explained why there was an unusual amount of Pokémon in the way. Their route must have been diverted due to the sudden barriers set up. “Still, I looked so weird with such huge ears and tail. Why did that happen?”

“Honestly, I’m not sure,” Dr. Bell answered as she tilted her head and rubbed her chin. “While I can observe even the little things that could give me a clue for sickness and whatnot, I still need the facts and evidence to get to that answer. And we know very little about Dynamaxing. I heard there was a variation called Gigantamax and even then, the changes described are far more dramatic than what you endured.”

“Thanks,” the massive Braixen said as she gnawed onto her stick harder. “How long will I be like this?”

“Hmm,” Dr. Bell replied as she shook her head. “The one who gave it to us said that it’ll last up to two days for just a fifth of the serum and you got the whole thing. Hopefully, it’ll still be as long and maybe your ears and tail will return to normal.”

June shifted her eyes as her back felt sore against the craggy mountainside. “Great. Just great.”

“Once again, from the bottom of my heart, I apologize for what you endure because of our mistake.” Dr. Bell got to her knees again and patted the yellow muzzle. “I’ll make sure your time as a huge Pokémon will be as comfortable as possible.”

June stared at the Gardevoir’s blue eyes and gave a small smile. “Alright.”

-----Two Weeks Later-----

Despite the damages done to the town through tail smashing, foot-paw stepping, and outgrowing, the repairs turned out to be far quicker than expected. The mayor of Kleptifux got into contact with Kucheat town for some assistance for reconstruction, despite the outrageous prices they give. But, to her surprised, Kucheat gave them all the supplies and equipment needed for a fraction of the cost. When asked why it was so cheap all of a sudden, the Pokémon of Kucheat evaded giving out an answer. Despite that, one of the deliveries Dragonite explained that Kucheat town suffered from a massive attack as well just days prior and was trying to get all of the assistance needed to rebuild. Even if it meant forgoing their usual prices and restrictions.

June walked down to the Kleptifux General Hospital, her massive ears bobbing up and down with every foot-paw step. She looked back at her just as massive tail and its own companion at a similar size with its own stick. The two-tailed Braixen turned forward at the new glass doors as she gave out slight blush from the Pokémon like a Nickit looking up at the five feet tall fire-type Pokémon with confusion.

The glass doors slid opened and, some feet away, stood a bit taller Gardevoir with her looking at June with amazement.

“Still not normal,” Dr. Bell said as her eyes skimmed up and down the Braixen. “And I see you have a new tail as well.”

“Yeah,” June said with a high tone. “I just woke up this morning with a new tail and ‘wand’ for some reason. Might had something to do with that blasted serum given to me two weeks ago.”

“Even though it had worn off four days ago? Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was because of some residual effect,” the green and white Pokémon said as she walked around the tall Braixen, her hips swaying. “In fact, I’ve been thinking about that time when we got that Dynamax Serum, and the more I think about it, the more unusual the whole thing became that I didn’t think about.”

“What do you mean?” June asked as she placed a hand-paw on her hip.

“To explain, it was given to us by a Ninetales with unusual blue eyes,” Dr. Bell explained as her eyes pointed upwards. “Said that he created a new serum that he thought might interest us and that he can trust us with it. I admit that I didn’t take his claims seriously about him creating a serum that simulates a Dynamax effect until I had that dream. I also thought that it was odd that I couldn’t sense his thoughts or emotions, even if I tried to. He seemed to be aware of what I did, and he kindly asked me not to probe into his mind any further. Plus, there was a sketchy feel around his body, almost like he was hiding.”

“A Zoroark, perhaps?” June said as she tilted her head, one of her ears bending downwards.

“Maybe, but even then, I could see through an Illusion soon enough and this one I was unable to.” Dr. Bell closed her eyes. “The most I could sense was a color for some reason. Green. Even though he looks like a normal golden-white Ninetales, I sensed the color green behind it.”

“Huh,” June said before she stretched her arms above her head. “Did he leave you a name at least?”

“Yes. Glorfindel is what he calls himself,” the Gardevoir answered before she shrugged. “In any case, shall we check you over and see if there’s anything else off with your body?”

June smiled. “Of course.”

A Big Braixen Problem (critique requested)


14 April 2020 at 22:34:39 MDT

Here is the second commission I got for Tails230 Tails230. This time a macro theme story about how a Braixen recovering from a sickness got a Dynamax Serum instead of an energy booster.

To begin this explanation, when I started to write this story, I didn't plan on it being a part of The Pokémon Prometheus universe. It was expected to be its own thing. But, as I continued to write it down, it made too much sense for it to take place within the same verse, so I did by the halfway point. It also allowed me to put up hints as to how The Pokémon Prometheus 2 will proceed when I finally completed that story.

In any case, enjoy it!