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My dog came back home today by TheOtherEliArts2001

Shadow came back home from the vet today. Basically, we agreed to let him stay there in order for the biopsy to be done. But to do that, surgery had to be preformed on him.

They took a sample from inside his body, likely from the unusual growth between his spleen and liver, and are planning to have it be put in a lab where it can be tested. That way, they can have answers as to what exactly this growth actually is. As far as we know, it might be tumor, or it might not be.

But because Shadow is a golden retriever, there is a high chance that it's cancer. But we don't really know. We won't get any answers until either Monday or Tuesday, as the lab isn't in service during the weekends.

As for how Shadow is doing now, he has finally come home today. He's just recovering from the surgery he had yesterday, and he was behaving rather weak and tired. He was also rather lacking in the desire to eat anything. We did menage to get him to eat his food, including some pain-killers. But we're still deeply concerned for him.

Right now he is resting in the living room. He seems to be alright, but we're still keeping an eye on him.

That's pretty much all that's happened as of today. If anything else happens, I'll possibly update.

My dog came back home today


14 December 2019 at 03:40:31 MST

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    I'm glad to hear you can have him in the comfort of your home again. I hope he recovers well or at least remains stable and calm. These situations are very difficult to get through, but I know you're doing your best for him and that's what really matters.

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      Thank you so much.

      And actually, Shadow had to visit the vet again today. His surgical incisions which are already patched up were bleeding throughout the night that he got home. We are hoping the vet can find a way to fix that problem. They more firmly sealed his incision by gluing it, and have now wrapped a bandage around his body. But he'll stay overnight at the vet again so the doctors can keep an eye on him.

      Thankfully his behavior has seemed to improve though, as he's not as lethargic as he was when we discovered the problem. But before he can go back to walking around and moving, he needs to remain at rest at the vet so he can recover from the surgery, and so that his incisions don't open up again. I'm sure he'll be alright. It will just take time before he's ready to move again.